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Even if you believe you have nothing, you are surrounded by an abundant universe waiting to fill up your cup. What would it mean to you to be able to fully receive the gifts that were meant specifically for you in your everyday life? More joy, more fulfilment? How about feeling more secure and loved? What if cultivating everyday abundance could shift you from feeling left out and lacking in your life, into loved up and limitless?

Are you fixating on what’s missing?

There is always something that we would like to add or experience in life. We wouldn’t keep moving forward, evolving and expanding if we didn’t aspire to be, have and do more with life. The problems set in though, when you begin to believe that the life you desire is being withheld from you by some force outside of yourself. Effectively you begin to fixate on what is not present and measure the gap between you and the outcome you are looking for. When nothing in your life arrives in the form you perceive as the desired abundance you’re seeking, all you will see is lack.

Cultivating Everyday Abundance…

The last thing I want to encourage here is comparison syndrome, so this is not the opportunity to relive the words of your parents telling you there are starving people in the world just because you didn’t finish everything on your plate. This is a time to connect to the infinite blessings that surround you and you have access to in this moment.

If you are reading this, consider the fact that you have access to the internet and the unlimited resources, information and connection it provides, the device that you are using to connect to it and the ability to see, read, learn along with the use of the other senses you possess. You have breath and air to breathe (albeit potentially through a face mask at present). You were given the gift of creative thinking and with it the ability to solve problems and implement strategies. You live in a world where there are billions of other people who are ready and willing to help you if you just look outside the net you currently find yourself in. Friends you haven’t met yet, just waiting for an opportunity to become your travel companions on life’s path. You are surrounded by beauty if you train yourself to look beyond the surface mess and you have the means by which to begin to clean up whatever stands between you and enjoying it… even if it’s just your own vibration.

Pick three things…

Take a few considered moments to be present with just 3 of the gifts the universe is holding up in front of you right now. Really spend that time in gratitude and honest appreciation for the abundance that is flowing through your life, even if you have failed thus far to recognise it. Start with the most important gift: you have been given life and with it choice. We often forget to be sovereign beings with autonomy over our own lives. We forget we have free will and can say no to what no longer serves us, including our attitudes and old beliefs. So even if you cannot see beyond the end of your own nose right now, be grateful you have one!

The more you notice the goodness in your life, the more goodness will show up for you to appreciate so start with the little things and expand from there.

The Grail Reveals

If you are finding it difficult to cultivate everyday abundance and appreciation for life’s gifts, you are being invited to master the following aspects of The Grail Path:

  1. You are taking it all too personally – the ego is tricking you into believing you are separate from the greater whole and as a result cut off from it. When you remember who you truly are, you also understand that everything you want, need and witness is already a part of you. That which you seeking already exists as part of you. (Principle 1).
  2. You have wandered into the mists of time – Understanding that there is only this moment allows us to be fully present with what is, you cannot be here now if you are focusing on what is missing. That requires that your mind be drawn into the past of what was or the future of what might be. These are wonderful places of learning and imagining greater, but you cannot exist there for long without becoming lost. (Principle 2).
  3. You’ve given your power over to blame and limitations – whether it be from the harsh behaviour or words of others or the perceived failures of your past, somewhere along the line you assigned blame for your lack. In this state you cut yourself off from the power to create positive change in your own life. (Principle 3).
  4. Your heart is closed for business – just like in last week’s blog, if it doesn’t come in the form you dictate, it gets rejected outright and judged as unworthy of your gratitude. (Principle 7).

This is the perfect opportunity to undergo a self-directed attitude adjustment to open your eyes and heart to the abundance that surrounds you right now. Start saying thank you (out loud or in your mind) to everything that crosses your path today. Take an extra second to acknowledge it as a gift even it doesn’t initially appear to be one.

I assure you, everything you encounter is working for your highest good and unfolding destiny. Start loving what is. What will be is ready to show up for you now.

This month in the Grail Temple we’re discussing…

No matter in which area of your life you want to start cultivating everyday abundance, you can start filling your own cup right now with the right guidance and tools.

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Let’s see what the universe wants us to know…

“Divine Will” Oracle Guidance

The cards I used are: The Shaman’s Dream oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Divine Will/What The Universe wants for you:

Fortune’s Wheel – Whatever you want to experience, you need only hold it as your intention and then when the universe prompts, take aligned action towards it. Don’t waste your magic on the stuff you cannot control, opportunities are surrounding you and you are going to miss them if you are focused on what isn’t present.

Personal Will/What your ego is asking for:

Me-Tox – You may have become overly focused on the negative in your life, whether that be people, relationships, objects or situations. Now is the time to release the poison from your system even if that is just in the form of attitudes and judgements about how things are or you believe they should be. Separate yourself from all that causes you to lower your vibration and begin practicing deep self-care. If you only focus on the toxic, that is what will grow in your life.

The actions you may currently be taking:

Galactic Mushroom – You have mistakenly fallen into the belief that you are the only one who matters and the only one creating the reality that you live in. The small self cannot see beyond what it already considers to be the truth and so your consciousness may have become fixed in that belief. The universe is vast and everything is interconnected just as the mushroom may appear to be a singular entity but is connected below ground by the web of fungi that can communicate through an entire forest. Your dream is not the only thing that the law of attraction is bringing into existence, all things must weave together. You have been heard and so now it’s time to trust.

The course correction or advice:

Stars In The Sky – There are limitless possibilities for you now. Focus on your most desired dreams and allow for the universe to decide how best to serve you. Wish upon that star but let go of how Source answers your prayer. Your angelic helpers have not abandoned you, they are working right now on whatever you are wishing for… just remember that focusing on lack is a prayer too! Is that what you want more of?

Wishing you an abundance of love and I for one, am grateful for you.

Love and blessings

Jo xxx

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