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Having a full plate can quickly lead to an empty cup. No, this is not a blog about diet and nutrition. It is however a question of whether you are unconsciously choosing hustle and stress over peace and purpose? Are you in overwhelm or overflow?

Too much on your plate?

“I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.” How often have you used that phrase not realising that it is a recipe for draining your energy and the sworn enemy of self-care and abundant living? Although we live in a world where “more, more, more” is the messaging that we are taught to buy into to describe what abundance should mean to us, the truth is that less is more when it comes to truly understanding how to feel abundant in your well-being and your everyday life.

I remember not so long ago when burn out hit me so hard that I ended up in hospital being tested for adrenal cancer. I had a lot on my plate. The truth was that none of it was important to my soul’s idea of what true wellbeing and even happiness was supposed to be. I had bought into the mass messaging of needing this and needing that and if I just had that, achieved something else, looked different, own such and such… that everything in my life would feel fulfilled.

When you believe that abundance comes just in the form of material or external possessions, you set yourself up for a power drain that you haven’t even accounted for. You see, everything you own, owns a piece of you.

You’re required to be a caretaker

Every piece of abundance you receive comes at a price. That price is that you must take care of this gift so that it can keep on giving. Being a caretaker, a caregiver even, takes inordinate amounts of inner resources as well as outer ones. When the effort and energy involved in taking care of the gift outweighs the benefit of keeping it the price is too high.

My own abundant lifestyle back then required that keep working in a career that was slowly killing my spirit in order to pay for it. It took long hours, shifts that were not conducive to good health, a poisonous environment of internal politics, back-biting, ladder-climbing and negativity in an industry where the employees rarely see sunlight! The team were unhappy and saw me a source of relief, so I also had my plate filled even fuller by the constant dumping of everyone else’s drama and frustration’s upon it.

Yes my plate was full… but my cup was completely empty. Baby, that well was dry! What looked like abundance to the outside world was the epitome of lack when you took off its pretty packaging.

What would you give?

Actually never mind that… What wouldn’t you give for an abundance of time, peace, connection, love, creativity, inspiration, energy, money, material resources and wellbeing? Would you be prepared to give up the excess on your plate in order to experience an overflowing cup from which to draw energy?

In this analogy the cup represents your vessel of truly abundant energy, resources and reserves from which to draw on (The Grail), whereas your plate is the increasing list of to-do’s that are going to require that energy to complete, maintain and hold onto them and ultimately the price you pay for keeping them, even if you don’t have the time or energy to enjoy them anymore.

The Grail Reveals…

If you are experiencing this type of imbalance and you abundance is defined by how much is on your plate rather than how much is overflowing from your cup, you’re being invited to master these aspects of The Grail Path now:

  1. You have built you own energy syphon – Also known as the personal prison or bottomless pit that sucks the life out of you and often under the guise of so-called wealth. True wealth is the ability to enjoy and share in what brings you that joy. It is the ability to use your resources and assets in a way that increases the flow of more abundant bliss. (Principle 5)
  2. Your scales are faulty – What goes in must come out and somehow your spiritual scales aren’t registering the toll and the overall cost. Giving and receiving of are an act of allowing an flow but require discernment and reciprocity to keep the flow in balance. (Principle 7).
  3. You have lost sight of your priorities – What you want to have, create, or achieve has started to outweigh how you want feel while experiencing the creating/getting of it. You have started to put your health and happiness much lower down the list and prioritized an outer state over inner well-being. (Principle 6)

I cut my losses and quit that job years ago. I admit that even today I still get it wrong and find myself dipping into overwhelm rather than the desired overflow, but now I know that the quick remedy is to simplify, take the excess off my plate (or to-do list), go back to basics and give my cup a chance to fill up again.

What can you scrape off your plate this week to allow true abundance to fill you up?

This month in the Grail Temple we’re discussing…

If you are struggling to balance the abundance scales in any area of your life, you can start refilling your own cup right now with the right the tools and guidance.

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Let’s see what the universe wants us to know…

“Divine Will”Oracle Guidance:

The cards I used are: The 7 Energies Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Divine Will/What The Universe wants for you:

A Tall Tale – What stories are you telling about how busy you are and how stressed? More importantly, are you listening to that story because it is giving your clues. The Divine wishes you to begin a new tale. Start describing your life the way you want it to be. As you start to remove stress and busy from your vocabulary you can also begin to remove it from your life.

Personal Will/What your ego is asking for:

Bearing Fruit – So you want to be super productive and have all your effort bear sweet fruit. How can that happen if you do not nurture your own energy to keep growing first? Tend the soil of your own wellbeing or you will have spent the harvest before the crop ripens!

The actions you may currently be taking:

Shining Through – Are you presenting to the world a projection of vitality whilst secretly buckling from the hustle? Your true light shines from your ability to be real. Your abundance comes from your honesty. Admitting to the world you’re struggling is way more powerful at attracting abundance than pretending you are killing it at life (when it’s actually killing you)!

The course correction or advice:

Body & Soul – Extreme self-care is not only advised, it is essential now. Remember that you are a human being not a human doing. Rest, refuel set some boundaries around your time and resources, balance your “on and off” states. You will be so much more productive with a damn sight less “efforting” when you cut the excess and start serving from that overflowing cup!

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That’s it for another week. I pray this insight served you in some small way.

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Love and Blessings

Jo xxx

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