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That moment when The Universe dumps a whole load of abundance in your lap in the form of raw ingredients and your response is “WTF am I supposed to do with that?” Are you blocking your abundance just because it arrives incomplete, in a form you don’t recognise, or because you have to expand in order to learn how to, not just receive it but actually combine the essential elements into a useable concoction? Yep, me too!

We women are master creators, but…

Give us a box of vegetables and we can make a meal, give us a bunch of old hand-me-down furniture and we can make a cosy home, but somehow we forgot that these skills are transferrable into all areas of our lives.

Take me for instance. I just stepped back into the dating arena after years of being absent. Just under two years of being free from a toxic connection and having done the work to heal, grow and find peace, I figured it was time to meet a nice man. The Universe delivered with a big note saying “Here you go, darling. Your wish is my command.” Angels started singing. The heavens opened and in poured a plethora of potential… Me? You guessed it, I responded with “WTF do you want me to do with that?”

The abundance is quite clear. My discernment is not an issue… what is an issue is that now I have to learn how to love again. I also have to learn how to receive again, how to not be in control of how I receive again and how to consider another’s needs in my daily life. Meeting someone is just the raw ingredients, to be a master creator in this scenario you have to remember that life is a co-creation and that a nice man does not a relationship make.

What raw ingredients are you rejecting?

This is not just a relationship problem for us women who are used to over-giving. It shows up in every area of our lives, from jobs to money to friendships to health and well-being. You might be given the opportunity to take on more responsibility in your job but see it as a burden that requires you to give more rather than the precursor training to help you get promoted. Are you blocking your abundance because it might take some hard work?

You might be offered an opportunity to invest a few pounds in a new venture but see it as others needing your valuable resources rather than an opportunity to double your investment or create financial freedom. Are you blocking your abundance because it has some risk involved?

You might find a stack of vouchers that require you to go out of your way to redeem them. You see it as a major detour instead of 50% off your regular purchases. Are you blocking your abundance because it’s inconvenient?

What if you were asking the universe for help in getting stronger and fitter and a year’s free membership to the gym landed on your doormat… would your response to the universe be: “That gym is over 3 miles away and I wanted it at the local one. WTF am I supposed to do with that?”

You get the picture. The Universe is geared towards encouraging growth. Whatever you ask for will be delivered in a way that ensures you do just that.

Don’t waste your prayer-power!

When your cup has been empty and you are tired, it’s easy to look at the world through the eyes of lack and say, “I don’t have the energy to do more at work/I don’t have the money to invest in this venture/I don’t have the time to go out of my way shopping/I don’t have the transport to get to that particular gym.” For me it might be “I don’t have the emotional capacity to be vulnerable enough to let someone else lead again… (or the patience to housetrain a new man).” All this means is that you spent your prayer-power asking for a manifestation and then when the cosmic delivery team dumps a whole load of tea bags in your proverbial cup, you send them back saying: “I asked for a hot beverage,” forgetting that you are fully capable of boiling the kettle and adding the hot water!

The Grail Reveals…

If you are blocking your abundance in this way, you’re being invited to master several aspects of The Grail Path now:

  1. Your own identity as a creator – when we know who we are beyond the small self, we also understand the power we have to create something out of nothing… like I said, women are experts at this but very often don’t realise that the skill comes from their own innate creativity, not just the need to make ends meet. You are an extension of the Divine force that creates worlds, (Principle 1).
  2. Your gratitude filter has been shut off – The key to receiving is the ability to recognise what is a gift and open your heart to it. Grace is required for unconditional receiving, as is the recognition that the act of accepting what is offered is actually a gift in itself to the giver. When we live in “not enough,” we see anything less than ideal as unworthy. Open up some more to the bounty of the universe. A little here and a little there adds up to whole lot of blessings to blend into “more than enoughness.”(Principle 7).
  3. You’re gripping too tight – When what you have in terms of resources might be required to get your abundance from where it is to where you want it you suddenly become risk averse and hold on tight to your current reality and status. Losing a little to gain what you really desire is necessary for the freedom and growth of your own spirit, (Principle 5).
  4. Your “Self-Full” has become selfish! – This the tipping point when you can no longer discern what is actually good for you and you start cutting your nose off to spite your own face! (Principle 6)

I’m well aware that I personally have more work to do now, before I go and fuck up something that has the potential to be great fun and very rewarding, (modern dating tips gratefully received, thank you). What about you? Where are you blocking your abundance?

This month in the Grail Temple we’re discussing…

No matter in which area of your life you’re perceiving lack, you can start filling your own cup right now with the right guidance and tools. You can get in on the discussion at

Let’s see what the universe wants us to know…

“Divine Will” Oracle Guidance:

The cards I used are: The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Divine Will/What The Universe wants for you:

The Drifter – God is asking you to let go of the shoreline and let the current and the wind carry you. Let the opportunities that come up in your life dictate where you flow to next, without you needing to know the outcome or control the destination.

Personal Will/ What your ego is asking for:

In The Hand – You believe that The Universe will provide (and it will), but you expect to sit back relax and not have any work to do in the process.

The actions you may currently be taking:

Deep Quiet – Are you frenetically rushing around trying to make something happen when what is really called for is a moment of peace and deep contemplation? Slipping into meditation right now to connect to a higher voice will help you find clarity about what you might be resisting or ignoring.

The course correction or advice:

Fool’s Embrace – With an open mind and an open heart we can begin to understand why both pain and pleasure are a recipe for growth. Loss eventually leads to gain and the pearl cannot be created without the irritation of a grain of sand. You may have to sacrifice a little more in order to truly receive what you want but that doesn’t mean that abundance isn’t here for you right now.

That’s it for this week. Did you like the new blog format?

Love and blessings,

Jo xxx

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