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You are the most valuable asset you have. This life has been allocated for you to do magic with it. Magic looks different to all of us of course, but the more I see and hear from different women, the more concerned I become about what seems to be their belief that if they wait, their turn will come. Ladies, wake up, stop waiting for tomorrow to claim your life as your own and start making the magic happen.

I’d done the same thing for years. I was holding out for “when.”

When I was old enough, thin enough, wise enough, well known enough, experienced enough, brave enough… The truth is, I have always been enough and you too are enough right now.

You have to believe that today is the day that your life happens. But once you believe, you have to take some action in alignment with the kind of life you want to make happen. If you don’t, it will keep happening too you, without your input.

If you are busy taking care of everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own, hoping, praying and even wishing that someone will notice that you have needs too, then the likelihood is that you will not only be disappointed, but you will go on waiting indefinitely. They’re transfixed by having their own needs met and to them you seem like the lovely lady that can make their dreams come true, (just as long as you never realise that you had the power all along to do what you do for them, for yourself).

I’m not suggesting for even a minute that we all stop being generous or that we all stop caring about the needs of others. Service is my remit and my honour, but what I am, not just suggesting but admittedly proselytising, is that by being Self-Full, i.e. taking the responsibility for your own happiness and wellbeing, you automatically guarantee that you cup will always be flowing over and that you have enough to help out those who haven’t figured it out yet. You become a sovereign being and start living in integrity with your soul’s intention for your life.

We have to stop coming to the rescue of everyone else and start rescuing ourselves.

The power available to you for the purposes of creating your desired intention, begins to soar the moment you claim it back from everyone and everything that would happily keep draining your inner resources and redirect it to manifesting our own realities as we would wish to experience them.

This week’s task…

I’m going to give you just one task this week to get you started on your journey into reclaiming your magic for yourself: Make a list of all the people you’re giving your energy to this week and ask yourself if they can survive without your input if they step up and take responsibility for the task/situation you are solving for them?

Now, if you are receiving any energetic reciprocity (or payment) for the help you’re giving and that honours your worth and feels aligned and balanced to you, then feel free to keep giving, helping and being of service. If you feel even a slight hint of resentment, being unappreciated, taken advantage of, or for granted or like you are the only one giving in the interaction… wake up, stop waiting. Now is the time to start using your magic to refill your own cup so you will always have enough to give those who want just as much to give to you.

Self-Full Living isn’t selfish, it is empowered co-creation without codependency. Make your magic count.

Love, Jo x

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