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If you have been longing for a different set of circumstances in your life but doing little more than reading about the law of attraction and praying that it’s enough to effect the desired transformation, sorry, you’ve been misinformed. The Universe, God, whatever-you-want-to-call that all-encompasssing energy, made you with the skills, talents and drives to go get it. That being said, if you want it to change, change it… (here’s how).

Actually, before I spill the beans on simple transformation, let me first say that I get it. Nobody told any of us as kids, how powerful we are, or how we can transcend the current reality that is keeping so many of us small, not that there is anything wrong with small, so more importantly: unhappy, unfulfilled and usually at the behest of someone, who at face value, appears to be higher up the proverbial food chain or who’s needs appear to be greater. They didn’t make it a part of our education as children and even now, as you’re a grown-ass woman, somebody, probably someone you know and love, is still telling you all the reasons why you can’t have your dreams and desires fulfilled.

I spent years learning to apply the basics to free myself of debt, codependent “situationships,” unbalanced dynamics and drama-filled interactions with others who needed me to fix them and their lives… I could do it for them without a problem, but I had to understand why I had never been able to do it for myself. Then I discovered some valuable insights that gave me back full power over my own life.

Wanna know what that was?

The Grail Path.

It’s uniquely you when you strip all the other shit away. All their noisy wants and needs, though still important to you, will just stop overriding your own well-being and fulfilment. No will become your greatest gift to others and Yes will become the word you use mostly to honour yourself first.

So here’s how to change things:

  1. Understand you are worthy too… not just as an idea but as an embodied practice.
  2. Get present so that you stop chasing outcomes or fearing consequences.
  3. Apply compassion to all your own failings and forgive everyone else, theirs.
  4. Stick with what is true for you now, even if it conflicts with another’s beliefs.
  5. Simplify and streamline all you resources so that the energy flowing in, outweighs what’s flowing out (at least until you have enough for yourself first). Resources include: time, energy, materials, money & space.
  6. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list… self-care is a responsibility not a luxury.
  7. Stop overgiving and start being open to receiving.

That’s it. That’s how you change your life one small step at a time, upgrading your expectations, standards and what you are willing to accept. The Law of attraction will start sending you upgrades when you start syaing no to what doesn’t deserve you.

You have to know you deserve better first. I can’t convince you of that but as soon as you get to that conclusion by yourself, gimme a shout and we can get you started.

If you want it to change, change it… but you don’t have to do it alone.

Love, Jo xxx

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If you really are interested in how to honour yourself, I will be running an online workshop towards the end of May to help you do just that. If you are signed up to the newsletter I will let you know more in a day or two.