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Awakening is a painful process. Often it’s replete with stark realisations that shatter your previous illusions of who you are, where you are and everything you once believed to be true about your existence. If you think it’s all love and light, then you’re only doing a half-arsed journey into further denial, rather than a conscious deep dive into understanding your Self and your relationship to everything that you have witnessed so far as separate from you.

Everything is perfect.

Contradictory? Yes, but once awakening occurs you must pass through 3 stages: love and light, darkness and despair and finally acceptance that both exist and hold value. This state of balance between all that is good in the world and all that is bad, which of course are just labels we assign to denote alignment/misalignment with our desires, is in fact eternal.

True awakening is not what you wish to bring into alignment with your vision, but conversely, what you wish to bring yourself into alignment with. Since you have no power over anything else, any other action would be to enter into a struggle of will and design.

Plainly put, you do you. Let everyone and everything else wake up in their own sweet time, (if they so desire).

You see, the need to shift everyone into your level of understanding and your way of thinking is the ego’s trick. It feels fearful of being different and so attempts to pull those it is familiar with, into the arena beside it so that it doesn’t have to fight a solitary battle. What you may not have grasped is that the battle only exists because you are still residing in stage one or two – them and us: separation consciousness. It is only with the application of grace, the most potent spiritual toolkit there is, that you can move past the conflict that you are creating for yourself and into peace.

Grace consists of qualities like compassion, forgiveness, empathy, tolerance and of course acceptance.

You can walk into a sacred space searching for a peaceful place and become agitated by the mess left by others. At this moment you have a choice to continue to seek peace or to become enraged by the actions of others for desecrating the sanctuary. You can accept their ignorance or you can attempt to force enlightenment.

Here is the thing: You will never find what you are searching for by turning your back towards it in an attempt to stamp out it’s opposite.

Which feels more aligned with the desire: peaceful acceptance or enraged force?

Only doing a half-arsed journey isn’t uncommon, it is a symptom of a specific stage and a personal choice. Becoming a master of your own life and maintaining the integrity of your Grail, i.e. your inner wellspring of lifeforce, depends on you understanding when your ego has control of your actions.

Ask yourself these questions to transform your life into a more peaceful one

So often we go in search of what causes us distress just to prove to others it exists.

It can feel like waking up in a room full of sleeping people and shouting “Wake up! Wake up!” They won’t thank you for it. Instead they will simply grunt, sneer, hurl abuse, turnover and go back to sleep. Better to tiptoe out of the room and go on with your day. As others wake up in their own time, they will find you and ask what wonders you’ve discovered since you arose. Once they ask, feel free to share your gentle path to peace. Until then, you do you.

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Love, Jo x

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  1. Love this Jo, it is really clear and makes perfect sense. Sometimes I get so excited and carried away by new insights I just want to get everyone on board! They do not thank me for it 😂😂🤣🤣
    Big love