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Have you ever stopped to do your “Dr Pepper” moment? If you are old enough to remember those adverts for the aforementioned soft drink, the jingle went something like: “Doc-tor Pep-per, what’s the wor-st that could hap-pen?” I know, catchy right? But seriously, what if you considered for a minute: what’s the worst that could happen to you if you decided to start thinking and acting in a completely fresh way that actually supported your own happiness and well-being?

Having just entered April, the month of The Sacred Fool and this year, the Easter Story (happy Easter by the way, if you celebrate), we should be awakening to the new possibilities for our lives. Why then do so many of us get stuck in the old ways and the tired and tested? (No that wasn’t a typo). Don’t get me wrong, if it’s working for you and you’re ecstatically happy with the way things are, keep doing it the old way because it’s obviously working for you… but if you aren’t…?

The reason we are so afraid of fresh thinking is usually because we have succumbed to Catastrophic Imagination Syndrome. It’s not a scientific syndrome or anything, but it is a reality for many women who are stuck in situations where they continue to accept less for themselves and their lives than they really want to experience.

Most people would tell you to think postively and stop catastrophising. Me? I’m going to tell you to go right to the absolute worst thing that could happen, sit with it and then journal about what comes up for you. That’s your Dr Pepper moment.

What I found, and my clients and students found too, is that when you face the darkness and are willing to look it in the eyes (and be realistic about it’s true power), it stops having that power over you.

What’s the worst that could happen if you suddenly start telling people how you really feel? They might not like it. They might not like you. They might not like themselves or how it made them feel. They might even walk away and not want to be your friend/lover/acquaintance anymore. They might even act out in some way… you won’t die from any of that. It won’t be comfortable, of course, but constantly hiding who you are, what you want and how you feel isn’t bloody comfortable either, so maybe tearing the plaster (band aid) off is a mercy?

Abandonment from those who don’t like your opinion becomes opportunity to those who do, to get closer to you.

I challenge you to do your “Dr Pepper” moment about whatever fresh way of being you’ve been putting off. Do it today. Really feel into the consequences of being YOU. If you are still scared of taking the mask off, give me a shout. The Grail Path has so many more tools and tactics to take you closer to your version of Happiness, Wholeness & Authenticity and YOU are worth the risks.

Love from, Jo xxx

PS. I almost forgot, here’s a testimonial from a dear Grail Temple Member who was formally a private client about her experience with her Dr Pepper Moment:

I had done a lot of work (with Jo) on the really important stressors and problems before I became a member. However, the deceptively simple “Dr Pepper” technique has worked wonders for me in allowing me to let go of fears, anxieties about the future (and the present for that matter) and allowing me to change my life, and emotional state, for the better.   


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