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We are all seeking something sacred in our lives to one extent or other, though sacred may not be the word you use for it. Perhaps you are seeking love, health, power, money, success? Perhaps you don’t even know what you are seeking, you just know you’re looking for something, anything? Whatever you have or have not defined your goal as, you are in search of The Grail.

Once you realise that your search is actually about a state of being, rather than any particular object, you begin to consciously walk The Grail Path.

I learned that what I was looking for was simply “home.”

Not in the sense of a location or concrete structure, but as in returning to the essence of who I am, in balance and at peace, fulfilled and content, without artefice or pretension. Home for me is that place where I can be fully myself and feel safe to be me. Safe to say yes to life. Safe to say no to what drains me of it. I also learned that there are seven essential principles that return us to that state and nine definable areas of life in which we must apply those principles to come back into our own alignment with the soul’s directive.

The 7 Principles are transformative if you begin to implement them into your life and that’s why I have been advocating for them since 2012. You can view them for free here on the site by clicking on the link. What I realised though is that many people needed more guidance on how to use them in their everyday lives and more importantly, that so many people had become so entrenched in who they are (or at least who everyone else perceived them to be) that they couldn’t see how to extracate themselves from the old stories, structures and status that they had unintentionally created…

This list goes on and if I’m honest, I have at some point or another experienced most of these personally as well as guided others out of these situations. The Grail Path wasn’t born out of academic research or crunching numbers, it was born of experience. Explored through spiritual principles and finally proven through personally moving beyond these traps to find my own brand of peace and then guiding others to do the same. Creating my own version of Heaven on Earth whilst showing others how, is now a full time passion and purpose. I answered the call of Spirit to teach it to other women who are ready to rediscover themselves and their own truth.

I’m not going to pretend that the path is easy. There will be losses along the way. I caught a soundbite from the comedian Steve Harvey the other day, where he was talking about you achieving your own success. He said: “Not all those that came with you can go with you” (or words to that effect). It is the gospel truth. As your frequency shifts into authenticity and grace, anything that doesn’t harmonize with that pure, clear melody, will either fall away or the discord will become so great that you will have no choice but to oust it from your orbit.

You are going to release:

And when the path commences you won’t believe what you are willing to let go of in order to find what you really need, deserve and were meant to experience, because the most important thing you are going to find on this path is your self-worth, quickly followed by a swift raise in standards. Your integrity will sharpen as you expect and accept more for yourself.

Although letting go is required, this is not the path of less and losses, it is the path of much and more. To have more of what you want you must first relinquish all the instances of settling for less. Once your Sacred Chalice is empty of what poisons it, it will be filled with more than you could imagine of what really fills you up.

You are in search of The Grail. It’s time to stop looking in all the wrong places. More of the same won’t deliver you to your destination. It’s okay, I’ve got you covered if you’re stuck…

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With love from Jo xxx

2 Responses

  1. I’m learning more about the practical applications of the Grail path teaching now, so it’s actually making a lot more sense to me. right down to applying the various principles to the “little” things in life. The “little” things are often, in fact, immensely important o my general feeling of contentment and well-being!
    I’m still figuring out my dreams for the life I really want. Its all good!
    Thanks Jo,
    Big love

    1. Hi Caroline, the big things can be simply “the next big thing” that rises up as a desire. Life keeps evolving, as does the path. The difference is, now you have the tools to walk it on your own terms with you as the conduit through which your life happens, rather than the spectator who gets dragged along for the ride!

      I love that it’s working for you.
      Blessings, Jo x