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If I’m honest, this blog couldn’t have come up at a better time because I need it more than most right now. The Grail Path is never complete because life is a journey and therefore, as the saying goes, change is the only constant. Initiating change in your world is a matter of understanding what is out of alignment with your own wellbeing and then taking steps, sometimes bold, sometimes bitesized, to reconnect with your highest intentions and move towards them.

It really is that simple. But of course it isn’t easy.

We meet with resistance every step of the way as we are connected to what essentially feels like an invisiable thread stretching out in two directions. One end reeling all the way back through history to our soul’s inception and the other, stretching out to infinity and the destiny we are creating with every choice, conscious or not. Both directions sending us whispers of information through time and space of who we have been, who we are now and who we have the potential to become. It’s a lot.

If the etheric thread of the past is wound too tight, or the gossamer path before us is hazed by uncertainty, the effect can be a deep abiding fear of changing even the slightest thing, just in case the thread breaks and you are left thrashing about untethered, lost and disowned by your own sense of self-worth. So what do you do?

Do nothing?

Settle for what is?

I said I need this exploration more than most today. As I’m writing this piece, a few days prior to the Pisces new moon and feeling the watery depths that are in danger of drowning out my own forward path or thread. I am deeply aware that doing nothing and settling for what is has no place in my life. I have come too far and learned too much. I have learned to place myself on the sacred altar of my own life and accept nothing less for myself than that which brings me peace and fulfilment… and the fact that I don’t feel at peace today is evidence enough that I need a course correct.

I’m good at spotting the misalignment in my own life. Usually within around 48 hours, I’m able to navigate the exact shift needed to energise the onward thread into shining brightly enough to guide my next steps (drowning in a watery new moon or not).

Inside The Grail Temple Membership I’ve created the exact process needed for initiating change in your own world. It is presented in a series of Life-Mastery Classes that help you achieve alignment and smoothly step back into the slipstream of your own miracles. That slipstream is like gliding along that light thread of linear evolution as if sliding down a freshly greased zipline… no hestiation, having a blast, in full faith that the universe will catch you at the other end.

Today I want to give you the 4 steps of personal transformation so you can get started with the change you want to make right now:

  1. Assess – you’ve got to get real with where you are (and how you got here).
  2. Align – release resistance to change and what you can’t control.
  3. Apply – take real-world appropriate action.
  4. Allow – time to let the dust settle and acclimate to a new version of you (and reality).

I’ve just gone through a massive shift. I’m in the allowing stage and it’s really not a comfortable place to be yet. That in itself requires more alignment. It also hasn’t gotten me all the way to where I want to be yet, so I know another shift is needed and that too is unnerving. You have to realise that the life that you want isn’t always just one step away and that your first leap might just be the first of many… each time you do, you start the cycle again: assess, align, apply, allow.

The life you want to create for yourself is just a few strategic shifts from where you are now. Please don’t be afraid to let go of what doesn’t deserve you, in order to have what will really serve you.

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