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Before I dive into this week’s topic on the consequences of settling instead of starting again, I want to ask you a really personal question:

How do you define how worthy you are?

Most people will begin quoting their bank balance, their job title, postcode or some other status symbol. Some will begin to recount their curriculum vitae (resume), others might decide to tell you how many Insta followers they have or how many friends… But because you are here and reading this, I know that you are truly exploring what it means to have self-worth and so I want to offer you a definition or even affirmation that might just be a gamechanger for you:

“I AM worthy of whatever I choose for myself.” (BOOM)!

Now, that being said, if you choose to settle for less than you want, that is you determining your worth too. (Ouch).

I want to share a story with you. The trouble is, I can’t think of one… nope, I can think of hundreds and that’s my problem. Hundreds of times in my life where I have accepted less than I wanted because I had a false belief that other people could determine what I was worth. These stories span from the salaries I recieved to the relationships I’ve had to where I was allowed to travel or live, to when others could fit me in their schedule.

I remember being told as a kid, “You’ll get what you’re given and you’ll like it or lump it.” Literally being conditioned from an early age to accept whatever dregs society deemed as being available to me. Every time I acquiesced, I became complicit in defining my own worth.

March is the month of renewal in The Grail Temple and as such, the energy is ripe for you to choose again, (though you don’t have to wait for a particular month, day or even minute to do that. “Now” is good).

Start with a quick assessment by asking “Have I settled for less than I want?” in each of these areas (taken directly from The Grail Path’s Pillar 3):

Assessment is huge factor in the Life Mastery Classes I provide inside The Grail Temple membership but you don’t have to wait to get started. As you look into each area of your life and consider what you have accepted, go a little deeper and ask yourself:

What was the consequence of me settling for less? How do I feel, firstly about my life and secondly, about myself as a result of settling?

Are you uncomfortable with the answers? If you answered YES, then know that you have just tapped into the fuel that will propel you into personal transformation.

Whatever is on your assessment list above, you chose for yourself (even if it was because you let others choose for you).

“I AM worthy of whatever I choose for myself!”

Now you know the consequences of settling, sweetheart… GO AND CHOOSE AGAIN!

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Love, Jo x