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Have you ever woken up one morning and wondered who’s life you’re living because it sure as hell doesn’t feel like yours? I mean, yes you recognise the people and the places and the structures around you, you just don’t rcognise yourself anymore or how you fit into the circus you’ve unwittingly created! Starting again from where you are can feel like an overwhelming undertaking… but what price staying put?

When clarity calls

There comes a moment for many women, especially after 40, when they take a self-inventory and begin to wonder what happened to the dreams they had and the ambitions that once inspired them. The moment of clarity has them realising that the full life that they’ve built is centred around other people’s needs and that their own needs, even the most basic ones, are secondary, if they factor in at all.

It rarely happens in moments of joy. It usually happens at the lowest point, the breakdown, the burnout, the despairing moment when everyone is demanding something… or more of something… more of you. And you know that there isn’t anything left.

Breakdown to breakthrough

That statement feels like a cliche, I know. The truth is, until a situation becomes so uncomfortable that we can’t take it anymore, we rarely feel the need to move towards anything more apppealing. The change can feel like too much effort, too much risk even, and we all fear losing what was hard won, especially if we sacrificed along the way for it.

You have to decide whether the next sacrifice you want to make is YOU!

Your health and well-being, your dreams, your happiness are all at stake here and if you decide to choose you then you have to choose a new way of seeing your world and the people in it.

Starting again from where you are.

I promise you, there is a route from this precise moment, this very circumstance or situation, to exactly where you want to be. It starts with you deciding exactly who you want to be, how you want to feel and who you want to include in your journey. Where you are right now can be the exquisite catalyst for your next chapter.

It will be a rollercoaster ride and there will be losses along the way. It’s not a trip for the faint-hearted and you may think that right now, you don’t have the power, the resources or the energy to even begin. Let me tell you, the most dangerous animal on the planet is a woman who has had enough. She’s no longer running on empty, she’s tapping into primal survival and it’s unstoppable. Starting from where you are might feel insurmountable, but the universe has been waiting for this moment to remind you that YOU matter. You came with a plan and it’s time to execute.

Take action

If I was to give you just one task for today it would be this:

Take out your journal (or a notebook will do if you haven’t started a journalling habit yet) and start a list of what you want your life to include. If that feels too much of a stretch, list everything that drives you to despair about your current life.

Your peace, purpose and renewal are hidden amongst the details. Dig deep into how you want to look, feel, behave and experience and don’t limit what you think is possible… regardless of how far you think it might be from where you are now.

Life Mastery

I have carefully crafted a series of Life-Mastery Classes that map out the exact steps to take along The Grail Path to get from where you are today to where you want to be. I show you the way from living someone else’s life and dream, to building your own dream-life, from unconscious existence to conscious co-creation. Burnout and breakdown to blessed and blissful. The Life Mastery classes are only available through my spiritual membership for women: The Grail Temple, so if you would like to be notified when the membership opens for enrollment again, please do join my mailing list here.

Love Jo, xxx

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