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I get why staying put is so appealing and why moving towards your desires can feel like the most dangerous game you’ll ever play. Life before you understand your why, is filled with “hold on tight to what felt hard won,” but your why is never tied up in a static existence.

Usually there is safety in what you know and more often, there is a fear of losing that sense of security if you reach for what you really want. You mistakenly buy into the false premise that failure is not an option and loss is even less so. All the while praying for a miracle to transport you into a new life where all your needs are met and you feel a sense of overwhelming wellbeing.

I’ve got news, kiddo: your dream life is on the otherside of letting go of the mediocre and the “not quite good enough” and the “it’ll do for now.”

When your why is passion based, purpose based, expansion based, adventure based, fulfilment based… you are beginning to choose your soul’s journey and the path of healing and growth. If however, your why is fear based, security based, safety based, holding on based… you are trying to control the flow of the universe and that will only result in one thing: you becoming a prisoner in your own life.

The Grail Path is the path of healing and growth. It’s also the path of truth, your truth. No two paths are the same because we all want different things in life. Sure they have commonalities but they come wrapped up in different packages.

Take me for example: I wanted to have the husband, the house, the children, the senior position in my job, the nice car, nice clothes… why? Because that was the traditional route, it was “what one does”. It was also the things missing from my formative years. My dad passed away when I was just 7 years old so I grew up with a single (widowed) mum. The house next door to the one my dad had bought for us, turned out to have structural issues and was leaning on our house, so the council issued a compulsary purchase order and we had to move, to become council tenants… no car, no money. Mum did her best. We always had a lot of love and full bellies, but you see why I thought I wanted all the things that felt like security, right?

Fast forward many years and there I was with the husband, the house, the car, the senior position… and I was as miserable as sin. When it came time for the children, The Universe said: “Are you shitting me? You’ve put yourself inside your own hellish prison and you want me to give you cause to stay put for the next 18 years?”

As it turns out, my husband couldn’t have children so we went down the IVF route, but The Universe just kept on saying “No dice!”

I didn’t stop to consider my why at any stage.

2012 was a wake up call for me, it was when The Grail teachings were delivered to me, but it was also the beginning of the end of all the other stuff. I had been developing my spirituality for around 14 years by then and teaching development for three. I had quit the job to work full time for Spirit, the house had gone as we needed to move quickly to take care of my ageing and ailing in-laws. But in 2012, the new prison I had built (this time in the name of Spirit), my academy, began to crumble and along with it, the end of my struggling marriage.

The Grail Path will strip you of everything that keeps you prisoner in your own life so that you can actually start living. Grail Principle 5: I AM Liberated, isn’t messing about. Like I said, everything you desire is on the otherside of letting go.

Today, I have the freedom to teach without the trap or overheads of the academy, all the imbalnced relationships have been systematically distanced, everyday is an opportunity to honour me and the people I love, who support me in return and as a result of the journey through letting go, I have the stories to help you find freedom too.

Now, I’m not suggesting your path is, or has to be frought with death, divorce and losing your home, or that it has to involve sacrificing your children (wow, I didn’t mean that to be quite so biblical). What I do know though, is that if you are feeling like you are the only one doing the sacrificing or everyday feels like you’re stuck in a rut or a trap of your own making, chances are you haven’t yet understood your why.

Ask yourself these delving questions today:

If what you have is simply the safer option than what you want, I want you to know that you already hold the keys to unlock your own prison cell.

I know you can be brave enough.

Love, Jo xxx

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