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The single most important focus for me and hopefully those I’m honoured to serve, is creating a life that we don’t need to regularly escape from! Life itself is an opportunity to explore your passions, not just in one area, but in all key areas of your daily experience. I want to dedicate this week’s blog to helping you get started on how to create a more passionate lifestyle – one filled with peace, purpose, energy and joy.

Over the last couple of blogs, I have been open and candid about what life was like for me before I invested in my own happiness and wellbeing. It has taken some really brave steps to claim my truth and turn away from everything except that which sets my own soul on fire. I have said goodbye to people, places, professions and even profit because they cost me far more than they gave in return energetically and because they had something else in common: people pleasing. (Which in turn brought it’s own drama).

There are nine key areas of life. They are referred to as “The Garden of Eden” or “The Life Map” in Pillar 3 of The Grail, (available inside “The Grail Temple” members area of my website). Those areas are:

  1. Health & Wellbeing
  2. Home & Hearth
  3. Family & Support
  4. Work & Career
  5. Finance & Resources
  6. Play, Leisure & Learning
  7. Service
  8. Projects & Creativity
  9. Romance & Relationships

Every one of these nine areas of your life has the potential to increase or decrease the level of passion in your life.

Over years of exploring The Grail, I have found that the single most important factor in determining passion is the ratio of investment versus reward. In other words – balance.

The Grail is a symbolic cup, a vessel if you like, that measures how full your life feels, which in turn determines your wellbeing. (It’s important to note that an overflowing cup has a very different frequency to a full plate. When you say you have a lot on your plate, it usually means that overwhelm is setting in, but who doesn’t want an overflowing cup, right)? One way to ensure that the cup keeps overflowing is to ensure that every aspect of your life that requires your energy and attention, gives back to that cup.

What I found over many years, was the areas of life that I found most draining were the ones that constantly demanded my input but rarely ever gave back. You may be thinking this sounds transactionary, but the whole universe is about balance, Yin/Yang, give and receive. That’s why the 7 Principles of The Grail (free to explore here on the site) are set up to lead you back to balance.

I find most passion in dedicating my energy to those things that support my wellbeing, happiness and joy…and people who meet me with the same level of input as I invest, those who are willing to put in the work and invest in themselves and our partnership with the time, the energy, the effort. Life is a team sport.

Look at the above list of life areas again.

If all your energy and attention went into health and wellbeing and you still felt crap at the end with no energy you would stop trying right? If your home required so much work attention and resources but you couldn’t actually live in it, you would beging to resent taking care of it, yes? If you were the one supporting your family (including soul family and frienships) but when you needed help, they weren’t there for you… well your passion for being a part of that soul group would wane pretty quickly, wouldn’t it? Imagine the job that sapped you daily but even though it paid well, it came with no thanks, not acknowledgement, just even more responsibility and pressure… surely you are going to find a job that feeds your soul and your bank balance?

Are you seeing a pattern?

Passion comes from increasing your effort towards your highest potential and being rewarded with a balanced result. The result absolutely has to be a Self-Full one or your cup will empty.

If you want to know how to create a more passionate lifestyle, I urge you to look at all the 9 areas of your life and apply the 7 Principles to each one. The Principles in plain language ask:

  1. Are you accepting less than your are worth?
  2. Are you focused on history and outcomes instead of being present?
  3. Are you wasting energy on resentment or unforgiveness?
  4. Are you people-pleasing for validation or waiting for permission to be yourself?
  5. Are you imprisoned by the things you though your owned?
  6. Are you taking care anything or anyone at the expense of your own self-care, health and wellbeing?
  7. Are you investing in something or someone that doesn’t have an equal investment in you?

It won’t be easy at first, you will meet with resistance for sure (something else I tackle in great depth in Pillar 4 inside The Grail Temple members area), but finding that balance means your vital life force energy is only ever putting out for that which feeds your soul. It’s transformational, I promise.

I’m interested to hear where you’re at on this journey. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are passionate about or indeed where you are struggling to find balance.

With love, Jo x

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