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If there is one thing I know about life, it is that it doesn’t remain still for long. Nothing does. The universe is constantly reforming and re-establishing ever more intriguing and intoxicating patterns that we believe to be our physical reality. When we cling to the shape of these fleeting creations, we inevitably become despondent when they disintigrate in readiness to take new form. So which are you, resistant or resilient in the face of change?

The difference between the two is simple: control or adapt.

The Blame Game

When you opt to try to control your environment and it’s structures, you place unnecessary burden on yourself. As failure in this case is inevitable (because so is change), you will also risk blame and guilt for allowing the things you want to hold together to actually fall apart.

Take relationships for example: how many failed relationships, friendships and connections have you blamed yourself for not doing enough to save them when they began to collapse? How many times have others blamed you or somehow asigned you the responsiblity for maintaining the satbility of the partnership unit or group? This is the definition of defying universal law. All good things must come to an end.

The Graceful Way

Allowing is a key skill to learn in your spiritual journey. It is the process of letting go with grace (check out Principle 5), but letting go with grace is easier if you cultivate resilience.

Resilience stems from having faith in your own ability to adapt to any situation but also having faith in the universe to rebuild in a new form that will support your forward journey. No matter what that new form looks like, giving yourself persmission to change the narrative, by asking the question: “How will this new reality serve my highest good?” or “How can I grow and creatively build from this situation?” will focus your attention positively in the resilience camp instead of succumbing to the fear of the victim mind.

Let Life Love You

New is often desired, but we rarely relish the bit that comes before that. Being resistant or resilient in the face of change is the difference between living a life that loves you back or dwelling in a consistent state of gripping onto mediocre… And darling, you deserve so much more than mediocre.

Love Jo xxx

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