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I booted up my laptop this morning to write the weekly blog and this was the randomised screensaver that greeted me from the Google archive. I recognised it immediately. Not just because its geographical location is near where I live and apparently I have ancestors on my maternal grandfather’s side from there, but I recognised it more deeply on a soul level as to what’s happening with my energy right now.

Firstly, in case you are wondering what ungodly pheomenon this might be, it’s actually a beautiful piece of engineering at Ladybower reservoir in Derbyshire, UK. I always used to call it the plughole when I was little, (probably still would today if I’m honest).

Seeing the image on my screen this morning it reminded me of the way our personal energy, if unchecked, can just go down the plughole and into the great abyss, leaving us needing to work ever harder to bring ourselves back into balance through Self-Full focus and care. The truth is though, if we were much more discerning about how we use our resources (whether intellectual, emotional, physical or material) and consciously manage our focus and attention, then this great big monster-of-a-drain wouldn’t even register, because we each possess the means to direct the flow and even plug it if we need to.

So what’s happening with my energy? For me personally, my physical energy is doing fine at present, but I do recognise the signs that I am spreading myself too thin, and across too many different projects/platforms… it doesn’t feel like I’m doing any of them justice at the moment.

My passion and my purpose is to serve and to teach and to make a difference in the lives of those I reach… but it has to be a positive difference. It has to nourish me in return so that I can keep serving. You see, it doesn’t matter how much energy is pouring down the plughole as long as an equal or even greater amount is also pouring in. This is the nature of Principle 7 of the Grail. In order to balance the in and the out, the giving and the receiving, essentially the resourse management, I have had to take my foot off the gas in areas that are not nurturing me too in some way: mind,body or spirit.

Over the coming weeks I have decided that I need to increase my “selective” handling of the different ways in which I serve so that I have more to give and more importantly, the fewer ways I do so can have greater impact.

Now, we know what’s happening with my energy, what I want to know is: does the ‘monstrous devourer of life force’ pictured above, resonate for you in the same way it did for me today… and can you identify in your own life what the power drain might actually be? Perhaps it’s a job, a person, a relationship, a habit or even a thought pattern…. maybe it’s even just the endless bad news on social media?

What action are you going to take to plug the energy drain and reclaim your power? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Jo xxx

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4 Responses

  1. I recognised the image straight away Jo and it made me want to go there! I also realise that I am draining my own energy with far too many “shoulds, musts and ought to’s” on my to do lists. Thank you for helping me focus. I now commit to spending a lot more time on me, including walking near the water nearby. Bless you darling xxx

    1. Should’s and ought to’s. Yes! That’s exactly it. How is it that we are the ones saying should and ought to, though? We could be so much easier on ourselves.

      Enjoy your walks, my love xxx

  2. Blessings Jo!
    I have felt an energy drain since last Friday evening . Yesterday, it disappeared. I believe it was my anxiety about Tom, which, following his Monday therapy session he ( and I) turned a corner. I don’t know if this helpful or a hindrance to my well-being, but I’ve always looked at my life since he was born, that: “if Tom’s alright, I’m alright”- and the reverse is true. I know I need to enable myself to sever the notional umbilicus and leave Tom free to make his mistakes and learn from them.
    Thank you so much Jo for your wisdom and compassion,

    1. Ah, Anna! Bless you darling. We rarely understand the power of being Self-Full and the freedom it bestows on the ones we love to live their own truth as well. I’m so glad that shift happened for you this week. Will miss you in the virtual class on Friday.

      Love, Jo xxx