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Life moves in cycles. We go through experiences that allow us to absorb new learning and as that learning crystalises into wisdom, we are asked to move into the next stage of evolution which is defined by us walking our talk, turning theory into (sacred) practice.

I say sacred practice because there is no line between the spiritual and the material when you choose the Grail Path, everything becomes as holy interaction with the divine and moreover, in every encounter can be witnessed the hand of God at work.

If you choose to walk the Grail Path you are making a commitment to your own soul to act upon the guidance that it reveals to you as and when alignment is achieved. This is often more about the balance of divine timing and personal choice points than anything else. One thing that is sure, is that you will either have to take the leap or be pushed.

Turning theory into sacred practice requires faith in an outcome that you cannot see and also in letting go of the security that you perhaps felt was in place in order to allow life to flow towards a greater expansion. Each of the magical keys to personal freedom and peace, known here as the 7 Principles of The Grail, are not just great ideas but are edicts for reclaiming inner and outer freedom through self-love when put into practice in real life.

Only by implementing these practices into your daily experience can you truly begin to find the empowerment that you are seeking, freeing yourself from co-dependency and unfulfilling recurrent stories.

Walking your talk is going to feel uncomfortable, especially if you are changing something late in the game to fit with this new found integrity. The discomfort will fade though as you continue to refill your sacred chalice through consistency and commitment to your soul’s requirements.

When your light is rising it isn’t always a pretty process… but neither is the messy process of birth… and that’s what this is.

Keep growing.

Love, Jo x

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