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Have you ever been in that new-to-you situation where you are making amazing strides forward and really surfing the energy of inspired action only to find that the moment you stop, you slide back into old habits and almost ruin your run of blissed-out beingness? How do you overcome the urge to go back to how it was before?

What a couple of weeks I’ve had!

I have to be honest November has been a cyclone of activity here at Jo Jerodene central (also known as my kitchen), with content creation and finely tuned angelic connection guiding my every step as I dive into all the things that have been scaring the shit out of me for a while. All perfectly coordinated, planned and scheduled. Heck, I even had time in my “Oh-my-God-you’re-on-fire-woman” timetable to take up learning the Pasodoble and other latin dances to make sure the inordinate amount of time I’m spending at my desk doesn’t transform me into a spreading seated statue!

But then I went and did the unthinkable…

I stopped and let someone else’s timetable take over my own. Someone else’s needs, someone else’s priorities… and my Self-Full streak came crashing down all in the name of a social life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with friends and loved ones and being Self-Full means finding balance in all areas of your life. Isolation certainly isn’t on my list of things to accomplish for a healthy or happy life. It’s simply that the time I scheduled for the encounter got rearranged due to poor planning on our part and as a result was extended into two sessions rather than one… cue: my schedule out the window!

When you are an empath, social situations require recovery time to reset your energy, so the day that followed also had to be written off for me… but there is a part of me that if I’m 100% honest with myself (Grail Principle 4: I AM Truth), never mind you, I allowed that recovery day to become a day of reversion to an old pattern.

I told myself I didnt have what it takes to do the most basic stuff and convinced myself that I was being Self-Full when what I was actually doing was self-sabotaging my good work, to settle back into a comfort zone which, if I’m even more honest is now feeling anything but comfortable.

See, as the creator of the Grail, I’m still just as vulnerable to overturning the cup and spilling its vital life force everywhere through subconscious patterns and lack of discipline.

So, how do you overcome the urge to go back?

I have several systems in place that have been successful in pulling me back from the breach today, the first of which is my commitment to you. Accountability is a brilliant way of keeping on top of things, but more effective even than that, has been the massive amount of pre-work I did (before I came back to public Grail work), on my “why?”

Knowing why you do something, your real underlying motive, your goal, your intention in it’s purest form, can give you all the ammunition you need to shoot the shit out of your inner demons and quieten the loudest voice of opposition your ego can throw your way.

It was never my commandeered schedule that was the cause of my misery, it was my inflexibility, my inability to adapt and my old self waiting to for the first excuse to take control of the reigns with evidence of why being different won’t work…

She’s now been kicked to the curb and I’m on high alert for her attempting to sabotage me again.

The Grail Mechanics have the answers to the inner demons who want to see you fail. Watch out in the next couple of weeks because I will make them available more widely for you to ponder and conquer your own sabotage squad!

Jo x

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