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I have to admit, my mind began to boggle just a few short weeks ago when a friend I’ve known for 13 years sent me a message saying she knew someone who wanted to connect with a medium and did I still do that kind of work? Er…? I’ve never done that kind of work! Though I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who do, this incident set me back to thinking again: Still Don’t Know Who I Am?

My path took a different turn when I began my spiritual journey, and though my mediumship and psychic skills developed rapidly, I chose to be a channel for ascension, honing in on the higher angelic realms and establishing a link with energies that unlocked the soul’s potential.

It sounds really cool when you say it like that but in it’s essence, I learned to listen to the soul’s voice (and the higher messages of it’s celestial counterparts).

I’ve been doing it now for more than two decades and only just in the last year, the year where I’ve been frequently absent from the digital lanscape, have I finally found the missing pieces that make all of my work and all of my meetings with Big Me (and Big G) fall into place.

Once you learn to listen to the soul’s voice and to it’s guidance for you, going back to being asleep isn’t an option. Asking your late Aunty Betty where she put the premium bonds is a bit of a waste of your potential and keeps you trapped in what was, rather than in what could be.

It isn’t easy living a “Soul-Led Life” until you fully break free of the person you were before. You find that many people fall away, old ways of living no longer appeal, but before they let go completely they try harder to pull you back into the 3rd dimensional low vibration that you once lived… the moaning, the complaining, the judging, the never being grateful and never feeling good enough or loveable enough or just generally enough.

Forming an intimate connection with your own soul opens up a gateway to all other relationships in your life: your relationship to your ego, your relationship to your body, to your health, to your family, to your co-workers, to your friends and lovers, spouses and siblings, to your parents (and to your late Aunty Betty) and non of these relationships have the hold over you that they once did because now you understand that they too are a transient part of the great continuum. Nothing is ever truly separate and all things are equal… you learn this because you also develop an intimate relationship with what you came to do and to the Meta-Presence. We have been fighting over the correct name for it ever since we first began to mistakenly see ourselves as separate from it. I call it God, or Big G, (sometimes I call it Jo Jerodene. And why not? It is everything including me. Check out Grail Principle 1 to learn more).

Your whole life begins to settle into a more trusting cooperative flow when you learn to connect deeply and without fear of what your soul might show you. That’s what I do: I teach you to listen to your own soul’s voice. As a teacher I give you the tools to develop that intimate relationship with the eternal part of yourself. I provide the framework within which you might conduct these high frequency interviews and a formula to translate the inevitable gifts of insight you recieve into your daily life. I’m effectively a locksmith for human potential, guiding you back towards love.

As I’m writing this on All Hallows Eve, what I can tell you directly from your dearly departed loved ones is this: they are sitting in circle right now with your Soul-Self, pouring energy into the path ahead of you and cheering you on to take this opportunity to embrace all of your potential by listening deeply to your own soul’s message.

Do you know who I am now? I had no idea what I was capable of, but Big Me had the answer all along. Aren’t you just a wee bit curious what secrets Big You has to share?

Jo x

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