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You might think you know your worth or how highly you value yourself, not in monetary terms, though that can also be an indicator, but more in the things you are and are not willing to accept from and for yourself. When you accept less than you want or less than you say you want then you are pitching too low and the bar you set is mirrored in the actions of others and how they treat you.

Let’s say for example you want a relationship. Maybe you have an attraction to another that you see as having the potential to be something special, perhaps allowing both parties to become more than the sum of their parts. Perhaps you envisage doing great things together and not only sharing in the joy of an intimate romantic partnership but also combining your skills and passions to serve the greater good too… sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

Now supposing the other party knows what you want, expresses a small amount of interest when it suits, but ultimately carries on as before not really aligning with your vision? Supposing they like to keep their options open, come and go as they please, hint at acknowledging you as “a potential” whilst also exploring other avenues… Is this acceptable to you?

If you are looking for commitment, intimacy, union, fidelity, monogamy… basically a loyal team of two, then this partnership is not aligned with your vision or your mission. What you do with this realisation is what ultimately defines your worth.

If you are willing to accept the “come and go as you please” “offer as little as you like” pattern, then no matter what you say your level of self-worth is, what your actions are actually portraying is that you value the other person’s happiness, hopes, dreams, wants and needs much more highly than you do your own… so much so that you are willing to give up on what you truly desire in order to have them in your life in some small way.

Here’s the real kicker: you are actually instructing them that that’s all the effort they have to put in to keep you there in their “just in case I’m bored” box.

Living in that little box, how much of your passion and potential are you using? How are you combining your skills to serve the greater good or change the world? What is the truth of how they see your worth? Of course that last question is really none of your business, someone else’s opinion of you should never define you… what does define you are your own actions.

Never settle for less than you want. If the person in front of you isn’t prepared to offer you all you are looking for, look elsewhere.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship, a job opportunity, a home, a business deal or a second-hand car… if it isn’t all you want, hold out for more. The universe will provide you with what you are willing to accept… don’t accept less than you are worth or that’s all you will ever have.

Principle 1: I AM God, reminds you who you really are and what you are really worth. If you would like to explore further, where in your life you are settling for less than you are worth, book a one-to-one or a private reading with me.

More later… x