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2019 is arriving in but a few short hours and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is entertaining the idea of a blessed New Year. It strikes me that the only true way to ensure the path ahead is filled with miracles is to be discerning in how you choose to fill your space.

You have the power to transform your reality by simply focusing on the things that fill you up and support your well-being.

Personally, having just done a comprehensive self-inventory, looking at what I want to carry through into the year ahead, I had to take responsibility for all the things that I had allowed to fill my space, my life in fact, that did not mutually support me.

When you break down every area of your existence, how much of what you pour into it actually supports your vision, your joy or your well-being or your mission? It doesn’t have to be a mercenary transaction you understand, being filled up by something is to do with sheer joy or a sense of accomplishment as well as the more tangible results.

The universe is in constant exchange, and as you are part of the greater whole, you are no exception. You put it in a wave of energy in the form of your love, your time, your resources, your skills and talents and the universe reflects back the exact same amount of energy (though often in a different form). If you are living a life of stress and overwhelm, well that’s energy too… The universe is doing its job perfectly mirroring your input.

Ensuring you get the results you desire is a matter of refining your rate, direction and consistency of service so that you receive the reflection you are after. It’s not a case of loving or working harder, it’s a case of choosing a suitable mirror.

How is this related to The Wholly Grail?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, is the art of giving and receiving in equal measure… but it’s also an experiment. How do you know what works if you don’t try.

Principle 3: I AM Human, allows us space to get it wrong and learn through trial and error.

Personally, I have enjoyed 2018 immensely, but I’ve also suffered through it. The most important thing I learned though, was that I was in control every step of the way of my experience, and at any point along the path I could have chosen differently and experienced something else. We all choose, though often unconsciously through a lack of awareness of our own unique power, how we fill our space or indeed our Grail cups.

This, I can honestly say is the most contented New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had. I’m relaxing at home, resting even, enjoying some peace and quiet and feeling so very optimistic about not just the year ahead, but the future in general… not because I can control everything about it, but because I know I can handle whatever it brings and I get to choose what I fill it with… I choose to fill it with serving what in return serves my well-being and mission.

Go on, choose to fill your space with what fills you in return.

That my dear friend is the essence of Principle 6: I AM Self-Full. Happy New Year!

More later… x

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