There’s a reason they are called heartstrings. Anything that has a hold over us emotionally could be said to be holding one of these etheric threads and as such has more than just a little control over your freedom to choose, change, or explore new experiences.

Attachments, whether material, emotional or intellectual, like the ideas that you have over time invested in so heavily that they have become fixed beliefs, are not so easy to escape when you begin to notice their restrictive nature.

Imagine a hot air balloon tugging against it’s tethers, ready to soar high above the landscape to seek out new vistas, new adventures, new lands and new loves but the strings have been put there to stop it from being lost to those who would hitch a ride in it’s basket, and so it is bouncing around trying hard to escape… not contrived in it’s effort, it is merely the nature of hot air to rise…

This week’s combination of Principle 5: I AM Liberated, along with the emerald green of the heart chakra is highlighting the struggle that comes just before the string breaks.

As you begin to awaken to the restrictions your heart feels in your current set of circumstances, you naturally start to move away from what feels uncomfortable. You leave behind people, social groups, places, environments, jobs, behaviours and habits etc, and the absence goes unnoticed or at the very least excused at first, like its an anomaly that you are missing or not partaking, but the gap grows and the string stretches and the more taught it becomes the more resistance you feel… it’s akin to emotional blackmail.

You do it to yourself first and foremost. “I ought…” ” I should…” “I owe it to…” are just some of the sabotaging statements we use just before the string breaks. And those are the moments when, if you refuse to listen to the inner critic (or the mirror manipulation if it’s coming from an external source), when if you are just brave enough to listen to the heart’s yearning to break free, or the balloon’s need to fly, you will release those tethers and rise higher than you have ever risen before.

Those others, they don’t need to hitch a ride, they just need to remember they can fly too. You can show them how by your example.

So basically put, this is a week where you need to listen to your heart’s desire without allowing the tug of the heartstrings to keep you tethered to the old way of being. New heights are waiting to be reached.

Watch for The Sacred Chalice Oracle returning in 2019… until then,

Happy Holidays!

P.S. You can older your 2019 Annual Angelic Forecast here up until 15th January.

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