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Everybody loses sight of the path. Searching outside the walls of the Garden of Eden for something sacred that was never actually lost to them. Over complicating the process of restoring faith and peace by assuming that something, some part of their story is missing, when in truth it is merely hidden under the enormous burden of weight of everything that has already been added.

That’s where I’ve been of late, battling my way out from under the ever increasing burden of over complicated storylines of daily life, that robbed me of my joy, my connection and the creation flame that burns within me. All but extinguishing my light… until, in the darkness, I heard a voice asking me why?

The question wasn’t “why has the light gone?” That was plain to see from the direction this voice was observing from, no, the question was “why did you find the light in the first place?” A stark reminder that my motive, the driving force behind my what, my how, my where, my who and my when, was the fuel that fired the light within me… and my why isn’t wrapped up in pretty packaging, it isn’t driven by a massive bank balance or more more more… my why is “because it’s who I AM.”

Only in this is there any peace.

Path remembered.

Now is the time to scale back all that obscures the truth, all that is not unified by simplicity and grace. Now is the time to return to the Garden, where all flowers grow, to rest, reconnect and remember… to refill the Wholly Grail with fresh pure unadulterated insight. Light.

When all else is taken away, what remains is the Grail.

Principles 4, 5 & 6.

Look out for new reinvigorated Wholly Grail insights in the new year.

Seasonal Blessings… x