The 1st of December, just a couple of days from now, marks a full year since I was forced to move house due to unforseen circumstances. A year on and life is shaking the foundations of my world again without consulting me on whether or not it is what I actually want.

We rarely have a say when the universe needs circumstances to be rearranged into a new format for whatever the next evolutionary step might be, the most we can do is get with the programme and shift with the changing tide.

Not everyone in your life will be ready to shift with you though, and there is little point trying to force a closed mind open or attempting to discuss the issues at hand with someone who refuses to communicate openly with you. For your own emotional safety and for your sanity, you have to be prepared to release them with love, because life’s complicated enough.

Principle 2: I AM Detached, teaches us that when you set an intention, you then have to let go of the outcome and remain present in the way things are, where all your power is to steer your own ship to where it needs to go.

Principle 4: I AM Truth, reminds us that what is true for us may not match the ideology of someone else’s intentions and expectations and that they may be travelling in a different direction to us.

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, asks us to unlock the door, let loose the chain’s, raise the anchors and allow the tide to carry all parties to their final destinations even if it means losing what you love most. Love has to flow freely or it isn’t love, it’s just attachment (which brings us back to Principle 2).

Though the heavens are asking me to pause, to wait a little longer to see what unfolds and transforms, I have decided to use this Saturday’s anniversary as a sacred day of change and carry out a cord-cutting ceremony, releasing all attachments to places, people, objects, habits and relationships that do not serve my highest good and that are out of alignment with my intentions and my Wholly Grail. Deciding how I take the journey through chaos, and who I take the journey with, may well be the only control I have.

Anything that reflects back to you any lack of self-love, anyone that continues to see you as less than the Divine in human form or cannot, for whatever reason, honour your worth, doesn’t need to be a part of your onward journey. Wish them love, wish them happiness, wish them peace… forgive them their humanity (Principle 3), thank them for the role they played in alerting you to the hidden wounds you needed to heal and then release them to their own destiny… New companions will take their place along the ever unfolding path. Set yourself free…

Because life’s complicated enough.

More later… x