Life is in motion. Nothing in creation is ever static, even in death, cells begin the process of decay which is part of the constantly shifting reality we are all apart of. Even in apparent stillness millions of atoms constantly bounce around in an ever unfolding pattern of complex design that, like a kaleidoscope, is constantly reorganizing itself into a brand new format.

Love is no exception. Love is God in motion, life if you like. 

You may argue that many things exist today that feel like they  are not from love, and you would have a point but when you examine deeper, those things, usually coming from a form of fear, are examples of humanity attempting to control where and how love flows… and love must flow.

Imagine that, our arrogance as to trying to direct the flow of God.

The Wholly Grail‘s Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, is the practice of allowing love to flow where it will, without direction, without manipulation, just being a conduit for the living power of Divine Grace as it flows always to you, through and from you.

How would that feel?

Love knows no lack, love knows no fear, love knows no boundaries and no limitations. It has no beginning and no end and it will bombard you even if you don’t want it to. You can try to reject love, turn from it, run from it, shout at it, scream at it, hide from it and fear its intensity but you will fail… you will fail because you are love and you are a channel for it. Love finds a way. You cannot stop love because love is God in motion.

You make life hard for yourself when you turn from love. You will always be running, always hiding, always fighting and always under attack until the day you surrender to the inevitable and allow the love that you already are to get out and refresh with the love that’s persistently trying to get in.

Stop running, be part of the flow. Life could be wonderful if you let love go where it will.

More later… x

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