Better late than never, they say, whoever they might be? I wasn’t sure I was going to get an Intuitive Chalice Oracle post out this week as its been a bit of a rollercoaster, backwards and forwards to the hospital to visit my mum who is a little bit poorly at the moment. Anyway, that being said, here we are heading into a week containing an interesting full moon and a few shifts in circumstance to boot.

As we look to the combination this week the energy is highlighting our own tendency towards problematic future-proofing. Which in basic terms means we are scrambling for certainty and stability in a universe where the only real certainty is change.

Principle 5: I AM Liberated, is a heads up to the areas of life where we have created gilded cages for ourselves by attempting to build structure through the illusion of ownership… The deep indigo brow chakra draws our attention to the intellectualisation of what’s up ahead or prophesy,(otherwise known as speculation and catastrophizing).

This combination smacks of an insurance scam… I don’t mean that you will be dealing with a dodgy insurance salesman (although please do drop me a line if that happens because it would be most amusing), what I mean is that you can’t control what is to come by panic buying, signing contracts, pinning down deals and extending warranties… what will be will be.

That’s not to say I’m predicting that any catastrophes are headed this way during the week ahead. The problematic part of the future-proofing is the bit when you change your mind about what you want for your future and then find yourself locked-in to a situation that you cannot walk away from.

It’s not so much the week for future-proofing as it is the week when, what you have already attempted to insure against, becomes the trap you want escape, for example: you sign a 5 year contract for a new job but then you decide another company is a better fit; you lock yourself into a mortgage to purchase a house but then hate the neighbours and can’t sell; you build in a clause to a business contract that stops your partners from dropping you in it but then find yourself wanting to jump ship to work on another project… or you get married for material security and then meet the love of your life (who obviously is not your spouse)! See, problematic future-proofing.

Let go of your sense of security (and everything that entails) for the freedom to choose life on a much greater scale.

Your entanglements may take some getting out of, your wings may ache from the tethers you break away from, but if you can rise above your uncertainty you can finally learn to fly.

Have a wonderful week… x

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