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The path has led me a merry dance of late. I fell off it a couple of times (though in reality you are never really off the path). I found myself following a new star for a while and while that was fun, it was only ever leading me to distraction. The detour was good practice in finding my way back to centre and a perfect lesson in discerning the value of peace over pursuit.

Most of what life brings us is a test of what we say we want, and when we know our goals to be in alignment with our divine mission and purpose, those tests are worth the detours distractions and sheer determination.

I indulged in a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session (QHHT) just over a week ago. The process was intense but so informative and somewhat liberating, delving into soul lessons from past lives that have relevance now, but what was much more enlightening was the intimate conversation I had with my higher self during the session. Big me revealed that “the path is not the path, it only leads to the path.”

How about that for cryptic!

The thing is, I knew exactly what the statement meant…

Your current purpose is a stepping stone to the next one, and as life is a journey, the path is meant to be filled with detours, synchronicities that propel you down new roads towards greater learning. New passions and new purposes that force your ingenuity, your creative acuity even, to expand beyond what you think is possible, using your accumulated skills and talents to serve the greater whole in some way… and at every turn you have to believe you’ve got the measure of it, you have to believe that this is it, because only by dedicating yourself fully to the present challenge will you master it and trigger the next synchronicity and open up the new path.

I’ve been aware of the new path for quite some years, it’s been my greatest distraction. I have spent endless hours desperately trying to understand how to hop across to the parallel path, not realising that the path converges with my current one at the designated point where the newly formed integrated path then changes direction naturally. But what is the designated point?

The point at which I master this one. I’ve been distracted by the potential of the incoming reality for so long that I forgot to engage fully with this one. (Even a Grail Priestess can get lost in the vision of a future not yet created). 

My higher self brought me great comfort, conformation and most of all permission to immerse myself in now. Not that it hadn’t shown me the way already… how else do you think Principle 2: I AM Detached, was conceived?

One foot in front of the other on the current stretch of my own path, renewed vitality, added interest, engaged talents, new things to learn along the way… and just a sideways glance occasionally to check the next path is keeping pace.

I’m no longer determined to get to he next path, I’m placing all my determination on mastering this one.

If you would like help on coming back to your centre, please do get in touch.

More’s later… x

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