It’s a long time since I found myself bursting with butterflies in my tummy but it’s a feeling I remember well. As Principle 2: I AM Detached, teams up with the effervescent yellow solar plexus chakra this week, it’s a feeling you may well find yourself experiencing along the way.

Anticipation and excitement are part of the process of preparing for an adventure and can add to building buzz around an incoming event or opportunity, as long as you don’t allow that excitement to transform into anxiety.

The difference between the two is subtle and consists only of an adjustment in outlook from optimism to pessimism. On one end of that spectrum we expect a happy surprise and are immediately looking forward to accepting the untold gifts of the universe, whereas at the other end we fear the worst and dread becomes the fuel behind that feeling in your tummy.

When we understand that our own perspective creates the texture of our experience we then have the choice of which version of potential outcomes we wish to put power behind.

Principle 2, for all intents and purposes, is the art of letting go of your attachment to any particular outcome and instead remaining present with what is. It doesn’t mean you don’t welcome what’s next, it simply means you are fully present when it arrives with less emotional and intellectual preconceptions as to how it might play out. This state of presence allows you to be relaxed and to essentially let the butterflies fly free rather than be trapped in your abdomen, expending unnecessary energy.

All this being said (and not wanting to stir up another winged batch), this is a week where you will undoubtedly be given something to look forward to, as news arrives to herald an incoming surprise. It’s your job to assume it’s positive and stay present whilst you prepared for it’s arrival.

Butterfly nets at the ready… have a great week.

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