The cards didn’t want to play when I went to select them last night, but reluctantly they surrendered up a storyline for the current energies… and I’m not entirely sure whether that smacks of invincibility or idiocy?

When Principle 1: I AM God, crosses paths with the blood red of the base chakra, we somehow confuse our Divine eternal nature with immortality. This can lead to reckless behaviour and endangering ourselves on very physical level either through deliberate action or lack thereof leading to neglect.

This is a week to recognize that your divine nature is the very thing that makes your physical vessel worthy of self-respect and self-care, rather than the thing that means it is exempt from needing it, and impervious to deteriorating as a result of not bothering.

If there are health issues, however minor and seemingly non-urgent, then put them on your priority list this week. Give the Divine you, the care he or she needs in order to operate at maximum capacity out in the world.

This is not the week to drive 1000 miles with a collapsed lung, carry on to a business meeting whilst suspected of a DVT in your leg, or proceed to test your new product whilst a festering bite is turning into blood poisoning… extreme examples, I know, but all true stories from the path. Not only is that masochistic its also incredibly selfish… you may think you are invincible but deep down you know it’s not true. That project you think is the be-all-and-end-all will be small comfort to those you leave behind when your divine nature pops off back into the great unknown just because you were reckless with the beautiful gift you were given to house it.

Principle 1 means taking care of the opportunity you, as God, have created to dance in human form… your physical, unique, never-to-exist-in-this-shape-again form. Don’t squander it because you are far too busy to notice the most precious thing you were given is in need of your attention. I don’t know… Invincibility or idiocy? You decide.

More later… x

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