(…and why I had to stop)

Standing in the interior castle courtyard and not wanting to ignore any detail of the unfolding story, this time when Death came riding around me on his white horse I stood motionless awaiting his next move.

The skeletal features of this armoured figure somehow staring without eyes into my very soul as he dismounted the powerful mare and stood before me. His presence so much gentler, settling and reassuring than I had assumed, but why I was surprised by this when my entire spiritual journey has been guided by the Archangel of Death, I don’t know.

Death leaned in and removed my hood, softly kissing me on the forehead before handing me the single white rose he carried as an emblem, signifying the resilience of the spirit. Climbing back on his horse he turned to me and nodded before he sped away across the courtyard and disappeared into the mist.

I’d been kissed by death.

Of course it was merely a meditation but the symbology was so intense that I had to write about the experience and how it is shaping my reality today.

The Death card in a traditional tarot deck has all the hallmarks of the image I described above: the armoured (sometimes cloaked) skeleton on a horse and the symbol of the white rose. The skeleton being the most resilient part of the human body and the rose, which each year is pruned down to just its own skeleton only to return back stronger the following season with even more abundant blooms… this is the cycle of death and rebirth, of transformation occurring only when all superfluous clutter is sufficiently cleared away to reveal the hardiest most resilient part, the foundation of what is worthy of growth.

That’s why I had to stop. I couldn’t see the roses for the weeds, and the beauty I had cultivated privately and professionally was in danger of being lost. Death kissed me to show me I had pruned away enough now and what remained was the beautiful rose already in bloom that I just couldn’t see.

The arrival of Death was not a signal of losses to come, but the beautiful gift of knowing that the losses are over and the new beginning has arrived. This time, with nothing but that which is worthy of growing. 

Arriving back in the castle courtyard this morning, I was flanked by white rose bushes in full bloom, lining the path to my destination. I’m home.

Principle 4: I AM Truth and Principle 5: I AM Liberated.

More later… x

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