This week Principle 1: I AM God, teams up with the royal blue throat chakra and I mean this with all the love in the world when I say: “Just who exactly do you think you are talking to?”

It’s a fascinating question that I remember hearing a lot as a child whenever I was perceived as being cheeky to an adult, but I have a very different answer to the question now.

I AM God. As are you.

Communication is our primary tool for connecting. We do so by expressing a full range of ideas and emotions, and how we communicate is often less about what we say and more about how we say it… or don’t say it for that matter. But communication is also about how we listen, receive and accept that incoming information, the whole transaction being a dance in which the participants can choose to love and honour each other through their giving and receiving or they can choose to disrespect each other. It’s either a mutual exchange of balanced power or a battle to usurp the energetic resources of another, which can be done even by refusing to respond at all.

When this kind of transactional control takes place it is a sign that someone, somewhere in the mix, possibly even both parties, have forgotten who they are or failed to acknowledge who the other person is.

Communication is the key to, and foundation of, any kind of relationship. When we see God in ourselves we will not allow ourselves to be disrespected, when we see God in another and indeed our own reflection, we would not dream of disrespecting them either.

This week, ask yourself just who exactly you think you are? If you come up with anything less than “a spark of the Divine” then you will also see what you are reflecting out into the world and why you may not have the kind of relationships you actually deserve.

Also take a look at all the people you have dealings with this week, no matter how difficult the interaction and ask yourself just who exactly you think they are?… and if you don’t get that very same answer, retreat, refocus, adjust your attitude and apply reverence to every life you come across.

In honour of the late Aretha Franklin: show a little RESPECT.

All are created equal… it’s only a very human trait that allows some to be more equal than others… but that’s another Principle for another time.

More later… x

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