If you aspire to be the director of your own story and master of your own Grail, then first you must understand some fundamentals about the nature of the universe and the truth about power and magic.

The Wholly Grail is an empowerment tool, a set of 7 Principles that set your soul free from the chain’s that enslave you when you do not realise that you have a choice. Those Principles work in harmony with the laws of the universe in order that you can begin to create real magic and have real power over your own life.

I’ve been disturbed recently by an influx of new potential clients that have sought me out to heal them from the effects of dark magic and curse energy. I want to clarify a few things…

Yes, there are more things in heaven and earth than we are currently aware of, but what we do know is this: everything is energy.

When we use dramatic terms like ‘dark magic’ which is just another way of saying negativity, we give it so much power over us by adding to the mystery and psychology of it. Darkness feeds on fear, why then would you feed into that fear by giving it credence or a cool name?

I could quite easily have taken their money and scared them shitless in the same way that some unscrupulous fearmonger has already done before me, by filing them full of ideas about how dark energies surround them and that they are cursed (wooooooo)… The curse they suffer is disempowerment and the inability to recognise they have a choice to turn back towards love and Source energy and away from fear.

The way to fight darkness is to bring it into the light and the only way to do that in your own life is to be the light and to become the beacon for others to follow suit. Sure you need to protect yourself from negativity, sure you need to cleanse your energy and your environment, yes you need to cut energetic cords and sever connections from people, places, objects and energies that deplete your joy and yes, that takes discernment, courage, will and discipline… but at the end of the day the greatest universal law is the law of attraction… like attracts like, darkness cannot touch you if you are the light. The fact is, if you are the light the darkness will not even realise you exist because you are vibrating so much higher than it is.

I could have spread the darkness by telling those who were afraid that they needed me to save them, instead I gave them the tools to save themselves. I sent them away to learn Principle 1… I’ll be here once they embrace it fully and want to learn how to use it to transform all the effects of their previous forgetfulness of who they are and what they represent here on earth.

(In the meantime… did I really just turn away clients? Damn my bloody scruples)!

If you would like to understand the truth about power and magic, check out the The Wholly Grail and it’s 7 Principles for free… then call me (and we’ll set something up).

More later… x

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