It’s complicated. I’m writing this almost at the height of a Pisces Full Moon when intuition is at an all time high but emotion is equally as dramatic. When you are a priestess and the veil between world’s is your place of work its important to keep one foot in this world lest you become lost in a place of no real substance. Deciphering dreamspeak is about knowing what’s real and what’s not, but it’s also about trusting your senses beyond your senses to guide you in all you do.

This week Principle 4: I AM Truth attaches itself to the higher dimensional violet crown chakra to ask you to believe what your dreams are telling you. I experienced this first had yesterday when a dream gave me the answer to a riddle I was supposed to solve later in the day, but the negative emotion attached to the dream’s symbolism caused me to dismiss it and then spent the evening kicking myself for second-guessing the evidence. (Luckily it was a night out with the girls and a murder mystery game that needed solving rather than a real life crises).

But there are real life riddles to be solved right now and the energy of the week is wrapped in the most powerful guidance and truth coming from your higher wisdom, through the language of dreams, symbols and omens, through the language of the stars and planets, the leaves and the wildlife… The subtle realms are speaking volumes at present. 

Your truth is expanding as you tune in to the most non-physical vibrational version of yourself that is intimately entwined with all-that-there-is…

If there is someone you need to connect with: feel their heart essence and know. If there is an answer you are searching for: feel for the essence of resolution and know. If there is a decision to be made: feel for the essence of the lighter path and know. The answers will flood through your being at the point of least resistance… during your dreamtime.

It’s up to you then not to get lost in the nebulous world where the answers exist and instead reach in, retrieve the truth and apply it in your waking life.

Merry Moon x

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