You can keep ignoring that still small voice inside until it becomes a scream or an undeniable truth… and you can’t ignore it now.

Divine guidance comes to us in many ways, often as just an idea or fleeting inspiration, but when it does it can ignite a spark within that soon becomes a raging fire and with that fire the momentum of manifestation begins to gain pace…

Principle 4: I AM Truth joins forces with the vibrant yellow solar plexus chakra this week where the seat of our personal power is housed. The ego, or “fearful voice” may have had you second guessing what your heart knew to be true for a million different reasons up until this point: fear of being different, fear of being judged, fear of being wrong etc etc, but you have reached a point where you are being asked to risk being seen minus the mask.

Individualisation is a pretty scary concept when it means potentially stepping away from what is expected, and most of us (those reading this anyway) like to think that we stand out from the crowd and do our own thing, but in reality we just joined a different crowd with a different set of rules and criteria for membership… but essentially still a framework for civilized relating. What if this crowd doesn’t like you to upset the apple cart either? What if this crowd doesn’t like your face, your message or your mess? 

What if you were brave enough to say “This is who I am” without feeling the urge to conform?

As this week progresses don’t be surprised if the truth of who you are, how you feel or what you think comes splurging out from its hiding place in one big beautiful chaotic avalanche that cannot be suppressed any longer, or indeed if you are faced with the truth of another that they kept cleverly hidden for such a long time.

When all said and done, you probably weren’t fooling anybody anyway.

Mercury has gone direct, it’s time to get the truth out in the open… you can’t ignore it now.

More later… x

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