There’s an element of expectation about this week that may have you racing ahead of yourself and perhaps even tying yourself up in knots to boot.

Don’t get me wrong the message coming in indicated by the royal blue of the throat chakra feels like a really positive one but when you connect it to Principle 2: I AM Detached, then you are somehow writing the story of how the communication will go before it actually happens, like predetermined prose.

Racing ahead like this, in your mind anyway, is a recipe for disappointment at the least and disaster at the worst simply because you close your mind to listening and to understanding when you have already made up your mind what another wants to say.

There is another energy that follows on from that that feels very congruent with the energy of the new moon we have just experienced… when an incoming message does arrive in whatever form, there may well be a tendency then to begin creating drama within about how it changes things. Planning for the future is one thing but screwing yourself up in what ifs is quite another.

Understand that the information coming in now, from the universe via inspired thought or from others via more tangible methods of interaction, is timed perfectly for the next level of your evolution. You are already preparing for the shifts that are happening, not in a contrived way, just simply by placing one foot in front of the other and doing the task directly ahead of you. Source doesn’t always announce His plans for your next adventure, sometimes He just sets you lightly on the path… that’s what the slipstream towards your miracles really is.

My advice this week is to get grounded and remain open to news, but don’t assume you know what it will be… and once it arrives, being grounded means you can receive it properly and act on the evidence presented rather than the stuff you have made up in your story about how all this is going to turn out…

It could be so much better than what you currently have the capacity to imagine anyway.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this week’s Dragon Reading (available from Saturday evening) here.

More later… x

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