Considering I work for spirit and everything I do revolves around my spiritual beliefs and practices whether for myself or for others, I really am the biggest sceptic I know. I spend an inordinate amount of time testing God (and Him testing me). It’s a game and it keeps things fun even when life doesn’t appear that way.

Have you ever seen those ridiculous parodies of spooky movies where some idiot would walk into the haunted house and scares themselves half to death saying “Is anybody there?” There was always a response but the character would dismiss it as pure coincidence and then go on to say “Knock three times if that was you.”

To be fair I don’t actually ask God to knock three times because I would proper shit myself if I heard a bang or three, what I do tend to do though is ask that when God responds to my prayer in whatever way He sees fit, that He does so by giving me the same answer three times in three unique ways from three different sources.

Usually within 24 hours I’ve had confirmation of exactly what I needed to know or hear in some very creative ways by some equally ingenious delivery methods. You see, the universe is constantly talking to you and only too happy to play hide and seek. You may be of the opinion that I’m being somewhat disrespectful of The Almighty, but The Divine really is the most playful force there is, and when you say “Big G, let’s play a game” then Big G is eager to get started.

Recently I’ve been indulging my disbelief with regards to the responses I’ve been getting. Not that I’ve missed the obvious synchronicities but more because I’ve been questioning whether or not the messages were actually aimed at me. It’s a Principle 1 thing. It throws you into the “Nah… surely that was for someone else?” “Why me?” and “Who the heck am I to be getting a message straight from the Source?” way of thinking. 

Principle 1: I AM God, is centred around the idea of worthiness and intellectually if you’re reading this then chances are you get it that you are just as important as the next guy and God doesn’t play favourites… but that in itself throws up the question that if He doesn’t play favourites then why is He talking to me… the short answer is because you are listening, watching, observing, playing the game.

Today is as good a day as any… Ask a small question. Ask a big question. Ask any question you like and then play the game with God.

My question today is how do I transform my greatest fantasy into a physical reality? So if you are listening, reading, paying attention… Knock three times (3 separate responses in 3 creative ways from 3 unique sources)… aaaaand Go!

More later… x

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