When one gate closes, another one tentatively opens a crack before swinging wide open to let more abundance through. Trouble is, you still seem to be looking directly at the closed gate hoping it will reopen with a fresh slipstream of miracles. You cannot let God deliver your good if you don’t recognise it is for you and reject it because it doesn’t arrive in the form, or from the place that you want it to.

Can you be happy with all the wonderful you can handle when it doesn’t arrive how you dictate?

Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted is all about the slipstream of miracles and how they choose to flow as God directs, not necessarily how you always imagined they would. Opening up to receive those miracles is your only job and if you aren’t receiving your share then the chances are you are facing the wrong way or rejecting the gifts because you don’t believe they are for you.

Are you still focused on one particular line of income that appears to have dried up? Are you still focused on one particular method of communication that constantly yields misunderstanding and eventually silence? Theses are just small indications that you are waiting at the wrong gate while God is sending the slipstream via another route.

Imagine that you are at the airport waiting at gate number 4 for the love of your life to come through. You have a cardboard sign with their name on it and a photograph in your mind of what they look like. When all the passengers have come through and dispersed and you are stood there alone wondering what happened, one of the guards suggests: “let’s check cctv and see if you missed them.” (The equivalent of running the scene back through the wide angled, slow motion filter of your memory). In one scenario a strange person in a red jacket and giant floppy hat walked right up to you and smiled but because he/she didn’t look like the picture you turned to look over their shoulder to see if the one you were waiting for was behind them…. Feeling rejected they went off to find a cab and assumed you’d changed your mind. Was it the big floppy hat that fooled you? Did God dress it up in a disguise to see if you were paying attention?

In the second version you are fixated on gate number 4 but what you didn’t know was that the plane was redirected to another runway meaning the passenger you were waiting for was entering through gate number 1 and you missed the tannoy message because you weren’t listening to God’s constant updates (because obviously you already know exactly how it’s going to be). In the cctv footage the person of your dreams walks right past you but your back was turned and the sign was pointing the other way.

It’s the same with standing in the wrong line at the bank because you didn’t bother to look up to see the “Teller Closed” sign.

When you don’t pay attention how can you let God deliver your good?

Open heart, open mind, open eyes, open ears, open arms, open gate, open teller…

They say that what’s for you won’t go past you, but if you reject it, do you really give it a choice? Open up to a whole new slipstream, what you want might be hidden inside.

More later… x

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