Finally, something real!

I’m hesitant in setting this selection into words because it would be easy to transform this delicate process of unfolding into a hard full stop and that would be opposite of what I personally want but, the Oracle must be written and so I will put my personal fears aside and trust that my words are not enough to stop the momentum of this universal flow.

Energy is transformed over time in an unending cycle of creation and recreation, going from consciousness to inspired thought to feeling to action to eventual manifestation. This is one of those times where we hit the jackpot and all the hard work pays off and the feeling becomes form.

This combination of Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted with the blood red of the base or root chakra asks that you open your arms to receive the tangible results of what your heart has been manifesting.

Principle 7 is the aspect of the Grail that deals with unimpeded flow. Imagine a valve at the centre of your chest that when fully open draws in the energy of the universe, swirls it around, adds its own personal twist and then spews it back out in a continuous stream of love… the Grail filling and flowing over with pure love all the time, nourishing you and allowing you to nourish others in your own unique way.

It matters not what form the energy or the love takes, it may be a smile here, a gentle word there, a beautifully cooked meal for a loved one, a work of art, an ecology-saving invention, a song in your heart or a scholarship… it’s a gift that you’ve been given that you pass on.

Now take that root chakra… tangible, material, solid, real, grounded in reality and measurable.

What does that mean? It means that you reap what you sow. This combination is the harvest of all that you put in when it finally rewards you with something real.

If you have been waiting for your hearts desire to pay off with a manifested outcome, then here it is… but…

Yes of course there is a but… your hard work can only  pay off if you are prepared to reap the harvest.

I have a metaphor I’ve been using for a few years: my hearts desire as a pear tree. I’ve been cultivating the pear tree in my heart of hearts for years. I’ve fed it, watered it, tended it, sheltered it, I’ve asked angels to shower it with golden light and prayed to God for it’s survival. Now is the time when it’s full of fruit and the crop is ripening rapidly. The symbolic pears are almost ready to pick…

Am I now going to look at the tree and say: “actually I really don’t like pears?”

This week your dreams are showing up in material ways, your feelings become form and are ready to harvest. That job you’ve been waiting for, the lover you’ve prayed for, the new home you asked for, the money you’ve been manifesting… whatever you’ve invested your energy into is arriving now.

Make no mistake that the harvest will be hard work too… but this is what you asked God for… open your heart and let the tangible results of your own growth fill you up and spill over.

More later… x

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