Holding all the aces is by no means a competitive statement, nor does it imply any sort of gamble but to be honest life in general is a great game that we choose to fully engage in or remain a spectator on the side lines. Instead, it is made in reference to the tarot and how keeping a firm grasp on all the aces leads to a Self-Full life (as in Principle 6) and an evenly balanced one at that.

Before I come back to the subject let me offer a scenario in the context of games, or in this case sport (as an analogy anyway)…

I’m currently embroiled in an interaction with another. This great game feels a little like the beginning of a boxing match… one fighter stands firm, flexible and resolute in the centre of the ring, self-assured yet humble, whilst the other fighter bobs and weaves in a display of prowess or intimidation like he has something to prove.

In this case the second player is exhausting his energy dancing around a situation instead of just throwing a punch (or his best shot in any other scenario) but the first player, as the observer, is holding all the aces… The object is not to win the fight against an opponent in this case, but instead to win the fight against one’s own unnecessary expenditure of resources.

Basically it’s about skirting around a subject instead of coming straight to the point. (A little like I did there).

So, the aces then… (I started that sentence with ‘So’ because my opponent doesn’t like my writing style though apparently spends much time analysing it, and believes that beginning a sentence with so is a sign of worry, whereas it’s actually a lazy way of saying “All that being said” or “Bearing that in mind”)…

So, The Aces of Swords:

Absolute clarity, the truth of the matter and no problem in saying it like it is.

The Ace of Wands:

Creative passion, inspired action,  and personal power.

The Ace of Pentacles:

Grounded in reality, tangible and measurable, something solid.

Oh yes… and then there’s The Ace of Cups:

The Wholly Grail or Sacred Chalice, the infinite capacity for love and healing, sharing and giving… firstly to self and then to another.

Holding all the aces means the first fighter doesn’t mind if the second ever throws a real punch… Me? I’m enough. I’ve already won the fight because which ever way this great game goes, I know I will grow from it. The other guy? Well I don’t know if he has realised he is holding his own set of cards. He’s mastered the Cup and the Wand alright but the Sword and the Pentacle have yet to fall out of the deck…

If you know your tarot archetypes then you will know that The Magician has mastery over all the Aces… I’m the High Priestess, and until the Magician gets a grip on all the alchemical tools, I will forever have mastery over him. Not where I want to be I might add. I’d much rather stand shoulder to shoulder with The Magician than have to instruct The Fool. I’m fast developing into The Empress who has infinite patience but that means he’s going to have work harder to become The Emperor… (and The Wheel keeps turning) buts that’s enough of the tarot…

Its time to stop throwing the fight and instead, throw a punch.

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More later… x



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