The mere fact that Principle 6: I AM Self-Full has made a consistent appearance for the last 4 weeks tells us that we definitely need to focus at this time on transforming our lives, or at the very least some part of it, to be more reflective of our true desires and authentic dreams for Self. This week though, let’s explore the difficulties we face when the dream isn’t all it seems.

I’ve had a recurrent theme show up in many readings this week about establishing boundaries around an offer or opportunity. The gist is that something long awaited is showing up for us soon but it’s showing up in a watered down version of itself. What do you do when someone offers you a very small approximation of what you want? Do you accept, hoping that it might be a foot in the door? Or do you respectfully decline and hold out for more?

This week’s combination of Principle 6 and the deeply spiritual violet energy of the crown chakra shows a connection between the Divine Plan for your life and the dream you dreamt for yourself. When Divine Will and Personal will align, miracles begin to show up in your life… but discernment is necessary to decide what truly fits the bigger picture.

If you come at this week from an insecure and needy stance you will almost certainly settle for less than you truly want but if you know your worth and understand that the universe will always eventually deliver, then you will be much more trusting of the timing of things and the choice will be easier.

Principle 6 asks that you take care of your own needs first so this is a week where you absolutely must write yourself into the equation… which looks like this H=(I+S) or happiness equals (I plus Source)… this is a powerful position from which to receive a universal gift because only from this platform can you perceive what is actually a gift and what is a breadcrumb that leads to depleting the sacred chalice with you feeling thirsty and short changed.

As mentioned before in previous posts, Principle 6 is an indication that healing on a practical and physical level is necessary so this is also a week where you should be making meditation a priority. If you don’t have a daily practice then now is the time to incorporate some discipline in this area as your connection to God, your higher self and your celestial support team is paramount to show you the way through the inbound life changes occurring. Regulating sleep patterns may also be necessary but you may find that your sleep pattern is disturbed at present so incorporate an effective wind-down routine too, one that gives you time away from stimuli before you sleep and perhaps incorporates journaling so you can unburdened your mind of superfluous clutter before you rest.

Most of all remember that life is showing you evidence of what is to come but now is not the time to settle for the petal when God has set aside, not just the flower, but the whole delicious bouquet just for you.

You are on the right path… x

For more insight, check out this week’s video Dragon Reading here.

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