I have to admit I’m hesitant with this week’s oracle, firstly because the combination is exactly the same as last week’s and secondly because I’ve struggled to get a handle on why that is the case.

Principle 6: I AM Self-Full came flying back out of the pack as I was shuffling them and I assumed I’d just been butter-fingers so I put it back in, shuffled again and laid them out to hover over with my hand to feel the energy… The cards felt very ‘quiet’ except for one that sent a shooting pain straight through my palm… you guessed it: Principle 6 was insistent on being present for us again…

Then I went to pick a challenge/chakra card. There was nothing coming from them at all. I tried both hands, I tried reshuffling, I eventually went to get a crystal dowsing pendulum to see if I could get a reaction. I sat down, breathed and tried again… The slightest movement occurred above one card: the deep indigo of the 3rd eye or brow chakra… last week’s exact combination. Was it that I didn’t cover it completely enough in last week’s post or was this a brand new burgeoning energy that needed deeper exploration? Then it struck me…

This is a week of being blind.

Deep in the darkness where we have no concept of what’s close by, what’s incoming or if we will ever see the light again, must be how people felt in less enlightened times about an eclipse… and who can blame them?

Falling at the latter end of this coming week, the Blood Moon or Thunder Moon might feel like a foreboding omen as the rest of what’s going on in the skies intensifies the ego’s fear factor to a point where insanity or at the very least depression can really take a hold of you. Don’t Panic! It will pass. The full moon eclipse conjunct retrograde Mars in Aquarius is going to very likely have you fighting invisible demons and even creating a few that didn’t exist before. Venus is opposing Neptune making you feel like everything you want is an illusion or an impossible dream and so this intense combination will blind you to the possibilities.

Now Principle 6 is about self-care first and foremost so my absolute best advice around this time is

The last one of these is super important and the first step is breathe, meditate and practice mindfulness (Principle 2: I AM Detached) by staying present with what is.

Blindness in its metaphorical sense isn’t a bad thing, you cannot possibly know everything that’s in store for you and just around the corner… God has been giving you hints for months about where you are heading and what is heading for you but now that it is just around the corner, the corner is in the way of your field of vision and so now is the point of greatest doubt and with doubt comes a crisis of faith and with a crisis of faith comes a greater loss of perspective and with this loss of perspective comes the feeling that you are going mad.

You are not.

Change is imminent. Prepare for a miracle.

On a side note: because Principle 6 deals with physical health too and the brow chakra affects the eyes, you might want to get them checked out if you are having any symptoms. I’m saying this because my mum is off for an eye operation this very week to remove a cataract and because I’m sat here writing this without my glasses, which up until a few weeks ago wouldn’t have made much difference but a have no idea what I’ve just written because it’s all very blurry!

Deep in the darkness is where new life gestates, its nothing to be afraid of.

Check out my video to help navigate the energy here.

More next week… x

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