The burden can feel so great at times that we are unable to see where we are going because we are so hemmed in by the stuff of where we have been. Heading for crystal clear horizons is only possible if we remove the clutter of the past that still exists in the present physically, emotionally and mentally.

In this week’s combination, Principle 5: I AM Liberated, teams up with the deep indigo of the brow chakra asking you to make space for a new vision of your life that has only been a pipe dream up until now, if that.

Liberation is as much a state of mind as it is a physical phenomenon and in this case is about the ability to dream life anew. A crystal clear horizon is a potential destination that as yet has no landmarks. These two premises suggest that where you are heading next in life is unlike anywhere you have ever been before and its unfamiliarity is the biggest part of the adventure. Unfortunately it is human nature to always use what you know as a reference point by which to make comparisons in order to orient yourself and make yourself at home… this causes us to recreate what we know over and over again and life can become very samey.

Something within you has changed recently and you are ready to venture further into the unknown. In order to allow that transformation to complete you must first begin a systematic strip-down of the belongings and beliefs that have developed in your current circumstances and allow the possibilities to be defined by delivery rather than by expectation… your expectations will have you scuttling back home to what you know, where as your curiosity will have you exploring further and further and spreading a little bit of your innate magic to all four corners of the globe.

Of course this dream or vision that you are creating space in your world to manifest, doesn’t have to be one of a physical journey, it can be a new job or business, a new relationship, a new home, the birthing of children or projects. Perhaps it’s more out of the box like setting out to train as an astronaut or to map an uncharted region of the deep blue sea in search of new species of life… or any combination of things… Perhaps you begin a new relationship that has you travelling to a new life abroad where together you build a new and unusual home and turn it into a destination business that you are both so passionate about that it serves others in such a way that the healing you achieved in this union and mission becomes infectious and all those who visit are forever transformed by the experience you provide… just a thought.

Where you are heading doesn’t have to look like where you have been. Don’t be tempted to recreate that which has kept you prisoner in a small life… your horizons are so much broader than what you can currently see. Shift some clutter and allow yourself to expand.

More later… x

P.S. regular Grail posts are sporadic at present whilst I integrate a new aspect to the philosophy and whilst I work on the new YouTube channel which you can access here via the weekly Dragon Reading, they will return soon but be intermittent in the meantime.


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