Early this morning I wandered down to the magical forest to take some invisible carrots for my friends the unicorns. They live there with the faeries who every Monday find much mischief to amuse themselves seeing as though their playmate humans have temporarily forgotten the magic and playfulness that comes with weekends and effortlessly slipped back into the workaday trance… Not me though, Monday’s are incredibly special and that’s the time when I get to chat to the enchanted forest dwellers alongside just a few enlightened ones without interference from the world outside.

So my unicorn, Theriel (which he tells me if you say it slowly it sounds like “They’re Real), is just explaining to me how unicorns do dressage when they are happy but also when they are in training for a mission to convert innocence into wisdom and service among the human folk, when all of a sudden I caught sight of a flash of light between the trees.

Theriel nodded and laughed at my startled look and telepathically imparted to me that I was only startled because I had been distracted and forgotten to pay attention (there are always messages to pay attention to in the enchanted forest and world of Faerie)… there it was again… this time though I noticed it only flashed because it was moving so quickly between the trees and each time it went behind a tree the light seemed to disappear. “She, not It” Theriel corrected “…and be wary, She will lead you into all sorts of predicaments!”

Turns out that flash of light dancing from tree to tree trying to get my attention was the inspiration faerie, sylph of almost lightening speed, attempting to draw me into a game of hide and seek.

I beckoned her out into the open to ask her about why she moved so fast but was met with a grin so big that her light became momentarily blinding and then she was off again… leaving Theriel at least, in no doubt that I’d been absent long enough from the world beyond the forest and  from my mission to bring magic back to the world, so he offered me a lift back.

Have you ever ridden a unicorn whilst it’s practicing pointing its hooves and moving in time to the rustling leaves?

For those of you that are still reading, congratulations! Your inner child, playful spirit and ability to dream magic into the world is still intact and the likelihood is that the unicorns have been doing dressage in your neck of the woods preparing to initiate you into your next mission.

Magic is the elixir that fills The Grail. Whether you are a Grail Knight or a Priestess: Keeper of the Sacred Chalice, without magic there is no inspiration, no light in the darkness, no path through the veil… The faeries cease to exist, all the dancing stops and the world no longer turns on its axis, causing all manifestation to come to an end… but you won’t notice because it’s a Monday and you forgot to ride your undercover unicorn to work this morning.

Principle 1: I AM God, and seeing through His eyes, all things are possible (even telepathic unicorns who actually prefer sugar lumps to invisible carrots because apparently they can pop them in their tea after they finish dancing).

Join me later in the week for my free weekly Dragon reading via YouTube or the website at https://jojerodene.com/the-oracle/ …and yes the Dragons are real too (you just need to know where to look for them).

Have a magical Monday… x


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