It’s been a few weeks since The Sacred Chalice presented itself and it is my belief that this is an opportunity we should take full advantage of as a doorway opens.

I’ve been quiet on the site for the last couple of weeks whilst processing some deep internal stuff. Not bad stuff, just my stuff. Examining my truest hopes, wants, needs, dreams and desires, listening to my soul’s calling and understanding the path I chose with new appreciation and wonder. During this time I’ve also been assessing what I don’t want, as if sorting the chaff from the wheat.

My connection the the angels has meant some very intense etheric conversations about my motives and my expectations and the exploration of those sometimes deeply buried answers, has led me to the most beautiful realizations…

But what has my stuff got to do with this weeks oracle?

The Oracle at Delphi states above the entrance “Know Thyself.” It is my belief that when you truly know your own heart all else follows.

This is a week where surprise communications bring the news you have been waiting for. Offers, invitations and opportunities follow and lay the groundwork shaping the next part of the journey. This is a one-step-at-a-time process and a once in a lifetime gift, but it also has paradoxical influences…

The paradox is that something that you have worked hard to heal within yourself must now reflect that healing in the outside world, which may mean that the surprise might just arrive from someone with whom there has been past tension exploring reconnection.

The Sacred Chalice can represent either the full overflowing cup of abundance or it can represent the upturned and spilled vessel of fear and lack. It can be love or the absence of it, health and vitality or illness and frailty… whatever the apparent state of the presented Chalice, it always represents sudden shifts and the potential for miracles. You get to choose how to receive The Sacred Chalice: hope, open-heartedness, gratitude and positive expectation mean that you will always receive the blessing regardless of the form the gift takes… make sure that love is your guide this week.

A doorway opens when you are ready to travel the next stretch of the journey, and the next stretch is set to be the most beautiful you’ve experienced so far, it’s a road you will want to travel for many years to come… don’t fear a tentative start. It’s ok to be unsure of your new circumstances as long as you are sure of what lives inside your heart.

I don’t know about you but I’m holding out my hands and opening my heart to receive… This time I know the gift is for me and I won’t waste it.

More next week … x

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