The expected, socially recognisable and acceptable version of you might be brought into question this week when you embrace your innate sexuality and sensuality in a drive to become more balanced between mind, body and spirit.

This shift is neither planned nor in any way contrived but instead flows from a natural healing of the rift between who you are and who the world assumes you to be, between the thought-led, over-analysing, living from the neck up version of you to the instinctual, vital, physical being that shifts fully into the realm of having a human experience.

Principle 3: I AM Human, is the aspect of The Wholly Grail that deals with forgiveness for the seemingly unacceptable traits and behaviours that we as human beings often display, but this is a surface representation of a much deeper truth held within this Principle, a truth that belies the social norm as a mere construct we invented so nobody would be offended or made to feel uncomfortable by other members of the species. The truth is that all behaviour stems from somewhere and from something, a trigger fuelled by either love or by fear, therefore nothing is ever actually wrong.

I must ask the question then: does the love of Self somehow overwrite the love of others or vice versa? (Just ponder it for a moment).

The vibrant orange of the sacral chakra is positively fizzing as this week progresses, bringing your natural sexy-self to the fore in ways that, in order to accommodate, you must turn a blind eye to the world’s expectations of you and shine out what has been hidden for an age… confidence, freedom, playfulness, alluring charm, flirty abandon… it’s time to be unapologetically you.

If it rains this week, consider taking off your shoes just to dance through the warm puddles… kiss like you mean it, beam smiles at strangers, let the wind blow your skirt up, go skinny dipping, make glorious love, dive deep into your senses…

… or you could stay locked in your headspace and thoughts that you will be judged for being vulgar and so forcibly removed from this Garden of Eden just because you took a huge bite of that big juicy apple and let the juice run down your chin whilst laughing your sexy arse off!

This week’s oracle is a reminder that you are perfect, beautiful, unique and capable of connecting with your whole being not just through a meeting of minds. Get back in your body and be unapologetically you.

More next week… x

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