It seems that Principle 5: I AM Liberated is incredibly active in our vibrations at present, offering up an image of many of us attempting to break the chain’s of the past in order to live free of restraint and fully embrace life’s sweetness. This week the truth will set you free.

Principle 5 is teaming up with the royal blue throat chakra indicating important communication that jolts loose those shackles of history and allows for forward movement in whatever endeavour you may be currently stuck.

But what is truth?

Unlike Principle 4: I AM Truth, which indicates your personal truth based on your level of understanding and experience and varies from individual to individual, the truth indicated here by the throat chakra is promising that what has been hidden will be revealed. Misconceptions are about to be overturned, wrongs righted, epiphanies and revelations brought into the light and most of all justice dealt… that sounds a little bit Dredd but not so… justice is simply the balancing of karma and though there is always the possibility that the truth may hurt, this week has the underlying feeling of sweet release and peace being restored.

Though temporary upheaval may be on the cards whilst you process the incoming information, the outcome feels like relief.

It’s just as possible that you may hold the keys to your own shackles and that by speaking up about something you have kept hidden, your skeleton in the closet can final have proper burial. Alternatively someone else may be about to confide in you their secret that has for so long kept a rift between you when the knowing of it might well have united you all along, or at least brought healing to all involved.

The release of unfounded guilt, shame, and inadequacy are potential gifts of this week as someone gets to stop beating themselves up at last, realising that the burden they were carrying was made heavy by the fact they felt they had to keep it hidden and was actually no big thing.

I sincerely wish you a week where the truth will set you free… x

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