Was it Atlas that carried the world on his shoulders? I’m sure you are familiar with the image. Regardless of how ripped his muscles and how adept at holding the globe he may have become, the longer he balances it up there, the heavier it gets… and you might just have been performing your own strong man balancing act for a little too long.

It’s a beautiful May Day Bank Holiday and that must mean that its also the first Monday of the month, or as I like to call it: Challenge Day! And as I look around I’m witnessing loved ones, friends and clients scrambling to keep their proverbial balls in the air as their creations: physical, intellectual and emotional, are beginning to crush them by the sheer gravity afforded each one.

When you create something: a persona, a home, a relationship, a family, a career, a business (especially one with a bloody website), a work of art, etc… that creation begins to develop a life of its own… and life is expansive by nature, which means it grows. That growth can only be sustained so far by you alone before it begins to crush you or you drop it and let it crumble.

Notice I said “by you alone.”

Unlike Atlas, you are not alone in your efforts carrying creation, and your challenge this May Day Monday (and everyday that follows) is to let go of what’s crushing you and ask for help with what’s left that you most cherish so that it may continue to grow. You maybe blind to the support available to you right now, you may have no idea how someone might be able to help you, if not with the obvious burden, perhaps by taking some of the more everyday tasks off your hands.

It really bloody hard to keep your plates spinning when you are trying to build the plate rack!

Principle 5: I AM Liberated from The Wholly Grail

I hope you enjoyed my bevy of mixed metaphors there and don’t forget that if you need some more personal guidance you can book a session with me here or a personal card reading across at my other site here.

Happy May Day… x


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