I have to admit, it’s taken me a while to nail down the message in this pairing. I usually select the cards by hovering my hands over the shuffled and spread deck, feeling where the energy is strongest. I do this every Friday evening and then contemplate the message overnight to be written on Saturday morning and its usually fairly obvious immediately, but for some reason this week I really did need to sleep on it… probably because the initial card refers to having “too much.” (In my case probably on my mind).

Let’s get going… Principle 5: I AM Liberated meets the vibrant, effervescent orange sacral chakra to recommend to you an unburdened beginning… but what beginning and from what must we unburden ourselves?

The sacral chakra is the energy centre which helps you form intimate attachments and relationships, it draws you to compatible partners, social connections, a particular family unit and even tribe. Universal and astrological changes set to occur in the coming weeks are highlighting major shifts in the structures of our lives, for some more than others. The social environment that we currently occupy is just such a structure and likely to expand or shift completely beyond these energetic transits (check out any report on the Uranus/Taurus transit for more info about the astrology as its not my area of expertise).

Before you go out into the world to meet new people and form new connections you must first recognise the difference between forming a superficial impression or a long lasting intimate bond –  one which will form the basis of your new reality and begin creating the structures for the next part of your life.

Principle 5 centres around material burden and what we might call the trappings of status. On the surface appearing to give prestige to the bearer but ultimately crushing you under its weight. Whilst you are focused on keeping up appearances you are missing the opportunity to build a solid foundation to what could potentially be a life giving exchange.

There is also the possibility that you may be holding so tightly onto the false sense of security provided by the things you have: the house, the car, the job, the friends, the salary…. whatever, even if they are bringing you enormous stress just to hold onto them, that you are in danger of missing the potential for expansion into true connection because there just isn’t room for anything or anybody else and you don’t feel like you can possibly take any more.

I have to tell you there is also an underlying “inadequate” nature to this combination which suggests that you may be feeling like your trappings of status don’t match the new connections soon to be available to you….if Principle 1: I AM God pops up in the next couple of weeks, highlighting personal worthiness, that energy will be confirmed. Remember that true connection is about the abundance of grace within you not the abundance of gold without.

So then, this week it’s time to off load all that prevents you from expansion and connection even if it is just the emotional attachment to a perceived comfort zone and the shiny baubles that make up your current mask.

Wishing you an unburdened week making way for an expansive future… x



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