I’m looking forward to the week ahead, though this combination comes as warning and an instruction of how to gracefully and gratefully move through the world: to rise but stay humble.

When Principle 3: I AM Human appears in any oracle reading it represents the fallible side of us and the need to forgive oneself and/or others. Team it up with the sunshine yellow of the solar plexus chakra and the ego starts taking control of the situation leading to clashes of personality and power struggles. But there is a distinct gentleness about the energy flowing towards us at present which shows us an opportunity coming around for another pass, that where once the ego led the dance, this time the lesson has been sufficiently integrated to allow all parties a softer approach.

This is a time where self-mastery and personal sovereignty have you facing your challenges with the humility and grace of Master Jesus.

To rise in this case means new beginnings, shifts in circumstances, promotions, improvements in relationships… though new feels inconsistent with the energy, it’s more like a new way of handling what’s gone before or fresh eyes on an old idea… something the oracle started hinting at a couple of weeks ago. Success is far more likely this time around as everything has changed.

The changes may not be obvious to all involved at first as they are not visible, physical or material in nature, this is more of a self-assurance about who you are, what you want, where you stand and the deep understanding that your life and your happiness do not depend on the outcome, but rather its your preference. Choice is a powerful gift and you are coming to understand from a humble standpoint that your choices can bring great joy (or great suffering if you ignored the humble part of the message) to others.

As you face whatever greets you on your path this week, do so knowing that when you rise but stay humble, you become greater than the sum of your parts… and the world begins to benefit from your achievement and smile at your success.

Your humanity can become your greatest gift now and leave nothing for you to apologise for.

Have an amazing week… x

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