There is a feeling of follow-up to last week’s oracle with this combination, almost like the universe wants you to course correct slightly to find a more direct path.

When Principle 3: I AM Human shows up in an oracle reading chances are a mistake has been made that requires adjustment and forgiveness. When you pair it with the deep indigo brow chakra then that mistake equals the fault in our thinking.

So last week I was talking about an old dream that was now beginning to show signs of being delivered. I also mentioned meeting God (or the manifestation you almost forgot you’d asked for) halfway across a symbolic bridge. The problem indicated this week is that you may be so focused on how far the object of your intention has come to meet you, that put all your power over there instead of right where you are.

Let me try to lay this out for you…

Yesterday in meditation, Archangel Michael asked me: “Where do you stand?” My first reaction was that I had no idea where I stood in relation to the goal but as he uttered again “What’s your position?” I realised that my position had nothing to do with where the outcome was.

Imagine that you want something in your life, say for example a soul mate relationship, (many of us can relate to that), well where you stand on the matter – your focus, your intention, your desired outcome, are all products of your own decisions and your ability to say: “This is what I want no matter what it takes or how long I have to keep believing.” The fault in our thinking is when we state: “I don’t know where I stand with you.” This implies that your position is in the hands of someone else’s whims… the actual issue is that you don’t know where they stand or whether this is a shared goal or outcome… but that is a whole different kettle of fish.

So then, this week it’s time to clarify your position, at least to yourself, about exactly where you stand and what your intentions are, whatever the subject matter.

Clear away any doubts and indecision, re-up the faith quota, forgive yourself for faltering and even temporarily giving away your power (and position) to outside influences. Get crystal clear in your intentions and practice constancy… and most of all remember the universe responds to focused instruction… just leave room for the form of the outcome to evolve.

When you know where you stand on that bridge, there is no fault in your thinking and God, in whatever form, knows exactly where to find you in His own good time.

I know where I stand on the matter, how about you? If you need help defining your position then why not book a one-to-one here?

Have a blessed week… x

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