The future is flowing towards you at a rate equal to that which you are flowing towards it. I have a simple prayer that I offer before I sleep each night as part of my own practice, it goes like this:

“Divine Father, As I fall asleep tonight, it is my intention to come and find you. Please meet me halfway. Amen.”

It implies that you only have to set off in the right direction, with the right intention and keep your heart and mind open to receive the signs that life is responding to your moves with moves of its own.

This week as Principle 7: I AM Open-Hearted, the aspect of the Grail that handles flow, receptivity and reward teams up with the deep indigo of the 3rd eye chakra which encompasses vision, prophecy and the ability to process intellectual information, the disparate pieces of an old idea or plan come into focus and something that felt blocked and impossible, now shows signs of making strides towards you.

It may have been some time since you made your move, you may have even stopped trying in the time between its inception and the evidence now about to show up for you, thinking that your efforts had gone unmatched and unnoticed. The truth though was that the distance between where you began and your ultimate goal was so vast that the steep curve in the bridge between the two prevented you from seeing how far God had travelled from the other side to meet you on this issue.

Can you curb your frustration, your impatience and your previous disappointment enough now to allow the meeting in the middle to take place? It might have been years and you might have given up. You may have chalked up your old vision to the failure pile and settled for a scaled down version of your now less than perfect outcome… are you able now, even after giving up hope of ever fulfilling your dream, to let it become?

When these two energies reach out for each other the flow of events draw your requirements into alignment with your intentions. Just yesterday I was talking about focusing on the big picture and letting go of the details… it’s the Divine’s job to move the pieces into play at the perfect moment but now they are beginning to turn up its your job to refocus on the vision and make a decision: Do you want what you said you wanted and are you willing to commit to being its steward upon its arrival?

Being Open-Hearted is a responsibility… if you want to be a teacher you must teach responsibly, if you want to be a musician then you must commit to making music, if you want a relationship you must commit to being a gracious partner, in fact everything you want comes with a commitment.

If God is to meet you on the bridge of dreams this week with whatever you had almost forgotten you asked for, then you must face Him head on and vow to be receptive to the form in which its being delivered and to show gratitude by the way you commit to taking care of the gift.

There are still a few steps left to reach the halfway point and you will need to show you still want this miracle… step forward, open your arms and welcome Destiny on its own terms.

Let it become.

More later… x

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